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Riverside Rods: Hot rod and American muscle specialist


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Riverside Rods was founded in 2018. The garage is run and operated by enthusiasts specializing in classic cars, American muscle, and hot rods.  The garage located under La Mesa freeway and just off the famous LS river has quickly become to go to spot when it comes to high horsepower, raw driving machines.




"Riverside Rods" specializes in visual and performance tuning on vehicles. We are offering a wide range of services, including, but not limited to: Full vehicle respraying in a professional spray booth located inside our garage under La Mesa Highway. We offer custom paint jobs for specific models. A wide range of colors and paints types to choose from, namely - gloss paint, metallic paint, and matte paint. Our suppliers provide parts for most models and therefore we offer various upgrades for your vehicle, including Engine boosting by installing proper air intakes, Different exhaust systems for better and faster disposal of the gases, multiple options to select for turbos, air filters and such. We are also offering security upgrades for your favorite vehicle. What we offer you is two grades of locks along with two grades of alarm systems that will keep your car safe.


Riverside Rods is the best garage in all of Los Santos.                                   At Riverside Rods we offer a wide range of services, that include:

When it comes to hot rods and muscle cars - this is the                                             Standard maintenance services

best garage to receive proper assistance for your vehicle at!                                             - Scheduled maintenance          

Our customers are always met by our dedicated mecha-                                                   - Oil, air, and fuel filter replacements

nic, who will handle all your requests with professionalism                                                 - Tune-ups

and top-grade servicing. What we offer is a total care for                                                   - Computer Diagnostics

your vehicle, whatever the issues are we will work on a fix                                      Engine services

for each of them. Even though we focus on hot rods and                                                    - Repair, replacement, and servicing

muscle vehicles, we are also working on most of the other                                                 - Drive belt replacement

vehicles and we are having a constant supply of parts for                                                   - Hose replacement

the most of them.                                                                                                                  - Engine performance check

                                                                                                                                              - Cooling system repairs and replacement
With our garage located in La Mesa, we are a hand away                                          Transmission services

from you. The garage is in La Mesa, under the highway.                                                    - Repair and service

                                                                                                                                       - Maintenance (Including repairs on the driveline)

                                                                                                                                               - Axle repair and replacement

                                                                                                                                               - Clutch repair and replacement

                                                                                                                                                                    - Transmission fluid service

Tire Services                                                                                                                  Exhaust services

        - Winter and summer tires sale                                                                    - Exhaust, muffler, tailpipe, manifold repair and replacement

        - Tire installation                                                                                                               - Custom exhaust installation

        - Rims sale                                                                                                           

        - Tire Air pressure check



Contact Information




Facebrowser: https://face.gta.world/pages/riverside?ref=qs

Troy Manzo: PH# - 3773

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Riverside Rods: Dominator GTX




The latest vehicle to come out of Riverside Rods is an ultra-modern Dominator GTX. This car includes a full HID lighting kit as well as

a forced injection engine churning out a huge 350Bhp. The blacked out rims complete the look of this monster. Expect to see it tearing up the streets of Los Santos very soon. 

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Riverside Rods: Penumbra




What the Penumbra lack in engine power it makes up for in looks and how easy it is to drive. This model we installed a full body kit including side skirts, front and rear bumpers as well as a large spoiler at the rear.



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Riverside Rods: Flash GT




This flash GT came in fresh off the line, powered by Vapids 1.6L  turbocharged Ecoboost engine it boasts an impressive 270bhp, that coupled with it ceramic disc brakes and insane amounts of grip make it a monster on any track you find it on. Here at Riverside Rods, we completed the car with a mean looking body kit, tinted windows and paint job that means the car looks just as good as it drives

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Riverside Rods: Boyz toys




Who doesn't love fun? Here at Riverside Rods, we've taken a few Blazers and given them a little upgrade. They don't just look fast, the 250cc engines under the seats are more than enough to have you cruising at around 90 miles per hour with nothing to protect you from falling off and killing yourself

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#RiversideCars Hey everyone, today we've got our hands on one Retro Elegy, but today, instead of working on a car's performance or visual excellence - we worked on the interior. That being said, this is one of our first projects on interiors. 
Check the two photos below for "Before and after".
We replaced the old speedometers and various gauges and tools with new modern-looking ones and added a few more to the right side of the dashboard. We've replaced the steering wheel as well, now the interior is just awesome!
Thanks and tune-up for more!




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Riverside Rods is the first and only garage in LS to offer Plasti Dip as an option.

– elasticity;

– shock protection;

– waterproofing;

– protection from aggressive environmental factors;

– temperature change and ultraviolet resistance;

– prevention of slipping;

– seamless coverage

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