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What car do you drive?


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I used to drive a Mercedes Benz C180 (2005) not more than a month ago, however I sold it due to increasing costs in maintenance and additional mechanical issues. Decided the car was not worth its upkeep.05-c-class.jpg


I am now in the process of finding and buying a well preserved Audi R5 (2013).  Preferably in grey color and bright leather interior.



German engineering never disappoints. (Yes I know this is a thread for cars that you drive NOW, sue me.)

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Tritega is a lyin mofucka



2005 Pontiac GTO

478HP/ 435Tq to the rear wheels

Aftermarket headers, mids & exhaust

Stage 3 Cam swap, push rods, double springs

Corvette Katech C5 Timing Chain

High Flow oil pump

Vararam intake




2013 Harley Davidson Forty Eight - Less than 2000 miles on it.

Lifted Gas tank

After market seat, handlebars, front light, mirrors removed

Custom exhaust, O2 sensor delete and tune




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