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Rage is saying my version of gta v is not supported ( new to gta and just bought game from steam version 2327 only one on there)

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My rage is not working, Its saying that my verison of GTA V that I just bought from steam is not supported but rage and i dont understand, i got the game wanting to play LSPDFR roll play i set it up correctly and downloaded the mods that needed to be downloaded to play the game, but due to this it wont even let me open rage. i cant back up any files because I have never had this game before, brand new to the computer gaming community, If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!!!!


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Ensure that the version of RAGE Multiplayer you are running is the up-to-date version and installed into the directory which your GTA is installed into (If steam-games are installed to directory C; install to the same directory).

Link to the site can be found here but I'm sure that you installed from here anyway.


If issues persist, join the GTA:W discord and check out #rage-troubleshooting, especially the pinned messages. There will be some helpful information in there as well. Hopefully it gets sorted, feel free to DM me if issues continue and I'll try work through it with you. 🙂 

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