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Our Promise

At Warner Monroe we take a personal approach to legal services. We guide our clients through the legal process, building a foundation of understanding that leads to better communication between attorney and client. When you choose Warner Monroe, you’re choosing more than just an attorney - you’re choosing a brighter future.



Not Just a Consultation

When you pay for a consultation from us, we will provide you with a brief summary of your case from a legal perspective, including its strengths and weaknesses, as well as our projected outcomes should we fight it in court. The aim of this is to help you understand how you can benefit from our representation, and should also help to negotiate the fees should we take on your case.


Note: This summary will be provided even if we decline to accept your case and is included as part of the consultation fee.



Legal Services

- Criminal Defence

- Civil Disputes

- Record Expungement

- General Legal Advice



Retainer Options

Warner Monroe offers a Retainer Service - a weekly fee that allows clients to access our services out-of-hours and at a reduced price, without consultation fees.


Each retainer package is tailored to the client, meaning prices and benefits vary - but they come with guaranteed access to our services.




Email Enquiries

[email protected]

((Forum PM - Warner Monroe LLC))


Office Hours

By Appointment Only


Warner Monroe LLC

Red E. Offices Unit 14

Maze Bank Tower

Pillbox Hill

Los Santos

San Andreas


Business Registered in Los Santos

Ref: 012/JUL/21


Consultation Fees


$10,000 - Basic Consultation

$15,000 - Felony Charges

$20,000 - Violent Felony Charges

$20,000 - Civil Disputes


Additional charges are subject to negotiation during the consultation, and will depend on projected workload for fighting the case.

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