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Let me tell you a story
About a woman and a man
Maybe you will find familiar
Maybe you won't understand


The man's name I don't remember
He was always Pete to me
But I can't forget the woman
She was a detective in PD


While he was working in the prison
That's where they sent him to atone
He used to spend time taking statements
The job was really monotone


But one night before he went home
About a quarter after three
He saw her standing at processing
Spoke to the detective from PD


They fell victim to old Cupid
She was the cutest thing he'd known
And they'd spend hours making dreamy plans
And they'd spend hours on the phone


Living with her was never a chore
And of his heart she had the key
And their romance was never shallow
'Cause of that detective in PD


Oh I heard the man knew how to use a rifle
You know the man could really, really follow tracks
He really thought Detective Izzie was the woman
Who would help him to recover
And finally make him more relaxed


They say that they became the closest
Couple that they'd ever seen
But he was never in control here
It was the detective from PD


Oh and they would often go out on a ramble
And act like they were teenagers at their prom
And that detective was more than he knew how to handle
But their marriage then began
And Izzie then gave him a son


They say that Junior is half Latino
So certainly he's not a clone
They say he wants to be a @G-Man
And that by now he's already grown


You know this thing is pretty amusing
And it's really hard not to see
That Peter Junior is the offspring
Of Detective Izzie and Sergeant Pete


Words and music by: William Joel, Peter Daniels Sr.


• Peter Daniels Sr. ( @Ulysses ) — piano, lead vocals
• John Winnfield ( @Xarex ) — drums
• Galen Hawkins ( @GHawkins ) — bass guitar
• David Pittman ( @arrdef ) — lead electric guitar
• Roy Orr ( @Yevtushenko ) — rhythm electric guitar___
• Jonathan Byrd ( @colorlessrainbow ) — alto saxophone
• Isabella Quintero ( @Nicola ) — background vocals

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