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[Belladonna] Check out the best bikini trends of Summer 2021

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Check out the best bikini trends of Summer 2021



Summer is finally here! Whether you are going to Vespucci, Chumash or Paleto, or you are simply posting a lot of swimsuit photos from your home, you need to make sure you are fully up to speed on which bikinis you should choose. Already, we have seen an influx of stunning new swimwear trends bubbling this summer. Check out the bikini trends you're about to see everywhere this summer, the colors that really matters and the kitschy new details you need to try. From Bandeau tops to flashy colorful retro designs, you're about to crave a warm summer's day more than you ever have before, so brace yourself and enjoy.


 Red and white striped bikini ($600) - Model: Nina Garavano


Black and silver bikini ($800) - Model: Remi Rose


Colorful Retro Bikini: ($500) - Model: Maryvonne Bourcier


Left: Red Triangle Bikini: ($500) - Model: Iselin Holm

Right: Blue, cyan and pink Bikini: ($600) - Model: Aimee Strauss



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((To roleplay buying the products and help us creating more roleplay  /banktransfer Amount Nina Garavano))


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