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Law Enforcement in Los Santos County

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The San Andreas Highway Patrol is an agency which exists in continuity but does not exist in-game. The following thread serves as a list of other law enforcement agencies that exist in-character. Players may only reference the existence of these agencies but may not roleplay being a part of them in-game without permission from Legal Faction Management. 






The San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP) is the agency of the government of San Andreas responsible for patrolling interstates and highways within the entire jurisdiction of San Andreas. The SAHP was established in 1930 as a division of the Department of Motor Vehicles, and subsequently established as an independent entity in 1949. In 1995, the San Andreas State Police (the agency tasked with guarding state buildings) was merged with the San Andreas Highway Patrol. The primary mission of the SAHP centers around the enforcement of traffic law and investigation of motor vehicle accidents.


The San Andreas Highway Patrol is headed by Commissioner William Brimly, appointed by the Governor in 2017. Contrary to other state police agencies in the United States, the San Andreas Highway Patrol refers to their patrolman as "Traffic Officers." San Andreas Highway Patrol vehicles are mandated by state law to utilize white doors or possess the SAHP star during patrol.


Due to the frequency of traffic accidents on the freeways of Los Santos, SAHP Officers are a rare sight within the city boundaries, albeit a field office is maintained in Northern Los Santos County. The SAHP generally avoids entering Metro Los Santos due to mutual aid agreements regarding division of resources with the Los Santos Police Department and the Los Santos Sheriff's Department.


In 1971, a shootout referred to as the Old-Promenade Incident took place in Southern San Andreas. In less than five minutes in the dark of midnight, five SAHP Officers were gunned down by two career criminals, George Grigson and Jeremy Singleman. Old Promenade, a county road near the hamlet of Paleto Bay, was the sight of the ambush wherein the two men ambushed two approaching officers during a traffic stop and subsequently killed three responding backup officers. A passing motorist managed to grab an officer's gun and strike one of the suspects during the shootout. Three arriving backup officers exchanged fire with the two suspects, causing them to flee the scene on foot.  After a 13 hour manhunt, Singleman was tracked down to a house in Paleto Bay. SAHP and Los Santos Sheriff's Department personnel attempted to flush him out of the house with tear gas, but were unable to storm the building due to Singleman taking a family hostage. Singleman shortly after shot himself with his shotgun. Grigson was found shortly afterwards attempting to hail a ride to Los Santos. At the time, the SAHP did not issue speed-loaders to their officers. SAHP policy was soon after revamped regarding high-risk felony stops and firearms training. Speedloaders were adopted. George Grigson committed suicide at Bolingbroke Penitentiary in 2011.


In 1992, the San Andreas Highway Patrol assisted the LSPD and LSSD in quelling the city-wide riots.

The San Andreas Highway Patrol has been subject to controversies involving their field offices in Northern San Andreas due to the enforcement of local law in city's jurisdictions after requests from local agencies, controversially in assisting the Bayside Police Department with gang injunction enforcement after a large scale cutdown of the Bayside Police Department's finances. 

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The following thread serves as a list of other law enforcement agencies that exist in-character. Players may only reference the existence of these agencies but may not roleplay being a part of them in-game without permission from Legal Faction Management. 



San Andreas Department of Justice - Division of Law Enforcement (SA DOJ DLE) - SABI, SABF, SABFS, SABGC, SABMFEA

The San Andreas Department of Justice - Division of Law Enforcement is the centralized hub authority responsible for the Bureau of Investigation, San Andreas Bureau of Firearms, San Andreas Bureau of Forensic Services, San Andreas Bureau of Gambling Control, and San Andreas Bureau of Medical Fraud and Elder Abuse. These agencies are all ancillary, specialized investigative details assigned to assisting the San Andreas Attorney General. Tracing their history back to the lineage of the San Andreas Rangers, these agencies conduct a wide variety of investigations, some of which include joint taskforces with federal counterparts, sexual predator tracking, electronic crimes, computer crimes, wire fraud, gaming violations, and beyond. 


In 2020, the Bureau of Investigation, the dominant arm of the SA DOJ DLE, had its funding cut to a substantial extent after the election of Governor Robert Brandt. This funding cut crippled the Department of Justice's law enforcement capabilities and caused a draw-down of their enforcement.


Other County Municipal Agencies

Greater Los Santos County is home to numerous different localities with their own independent law enforcement agencies. These agencies are too small and too numerous to list, often soliciting the assistance of the bigger and better funded LSPD and LSSD.


Other State Law Enforcement Agencies (secondary agencies)


San Andreas Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control 

The SAABC is responsible for the enforcement of state liquor laws and maintains a roster of licensed peace officers.


Ancillary Law Enforcement - Other
San Andreas Department of Toxic Substances Control - Investigations Division
San Andreas Department of Motor Vehicles Investigations Division
San Andreas Department of Insurance - Investigations Division
San Andreas Franchise Tax Board - Investigations Bureau
San Andreas Lottery Security and Law Enforcement Division
San Andreas Department of Consumer Affairs - Division of Investigation
San Andreas Department of Forestry and Fire Protection - Law Enforcement
San Andreas Department of Health Care Services - Investigations Branch
San Andreas Department of Public Health, Food and Drug Branch


Defunct Local Agencies

Davis Police Department - Disbanded in 1993, contracted to Los Santos Police Department. Subject of significant controversies with local community, numerous abuse/police overuse of force accusations. Notably assisted in the quelling of the 1992 Los Santos Riots.

Los Santos General Services Police - Charged with protection of city property as security police, disbanded in 2012 and absorbed by LSPD.

Los Santos County Office of Public Safety (LSCOPS) - Charged with protection of county property as security police, disbanded in 2010 and absorbed by LSSD.

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Federal Law Enforcement in Los Santos County


Federal Bureau of Investigation

The Bureau has a storied history within the state of San Andreas and in particular in Los Santos County, operating a local field office which serves as the headquarters for the Western Field Division. FBI SWAT notably assisted the Los Santos Police Department in securing the streets of Los Santos during the Los Santos Riots.


BATFE - Los Santos

Similar to the Bureau, the ATF operates a field office which also functions as their headquarters on the West Coast. The BATF's operations in Los Santos are mainly concerned with international firearms smuggling through the ports and bomb-making.


USMS - Southern District of Los Santos

The US Marshal's Service operates a field office local to Los Santos which services the Federal Judiciary's Southern District of San Andreas. Their primary responsibility is pursuing high risk fugitives, ensuring the federal witness protection program operates properly, and serving high risk federal warrants. They assisted the LSPD and LSSD with quelling the 1992 Los Santos riots.


San Andreas National Guard

Although normally not counted as law enforcement, San Andreas' National Guard serves as an organized militia for the state of San Andreas. In the event of civil unrest, the San Andreas National Guard can be called to order by the Governor. The last time they were activated for civil unrest was the 2020 San Andreas Unrest, albeit they did not deploy to Metropolitan Los Santos.


Other Agencies

  • United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • United States Customs and Border Protection
  • Homeland Security Investigations
  • Federal Protective Service
  • Federal Reserve Police
  • United States Mint Police
  • United States Fish and Wildlife Service
  • United States Coast Guard
  • United States Secret Service
  • United States Naval Criminal Investigative Service
  • United States Department of Veterans Affairs Police
  • United States Army Military Police Corps (Civilian/Uniformed)
  • United States Air Force Security Forces (Civilian/Uniformed)
  • Commander, Navy Region Southwest Police (Civilian/Uniformed)
  • United States Postal Service (Special Agents/OIG)
  • Department of Defense Police
  • Defense Logistics Agency Police
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