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How to backup your GTA Files and play before RageMP updates - Los Santos Tuners July 20

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This guide must be performed BEFORE the update to continue playing on GTAW until Rage releases an update for the GTAV July 20th update.


You can of course patiently wait for Rage's update and do nothing, which will just prevent you from playing for a day or two. This is not permanent, just a temp fix if you can't wait.



Video Guide




Text Guide


1. Head to your GTAV game Directory:


  • Steam:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V


  • Epic Games:
    • C:\Program Files\Epic Games\GTAV


  • Rockstar Launcher
    • C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V



2. Take the following files:


  • GTA5.exe
  • GTAVLauncher.exe  (PlayGTAV for Epic)
  • update/update.rpf
    • You will have to create the "update" folder in your "backup" folder, then just take update.rpf into that backup folder.


3. And COPY them into a "backup" folder somewhere else on your PC (Suggested: Desktop folder called "Backup") (Steam Version shown below)




In update:





4. When GTAV updates


Let it do so, and wait until it fully completes the update.

Copy the files GTA5.exe, GTAVLauncher.exe, and the folder "update" into your main GTAV directory and replace any currently existing files.


5. (Rockstar Games Launcher ONLY)

(This is possible fix, but not confirmed working based on last update.)


To prevent the game from updating again :

  • Hit Start - Type "firewall", Hit Enter
  • Hit Advanced Settings on the Left hand side
  • Select Outbound Rules
  • New Rule > Program > Select your game > Hit Next
  • Select Block This Connection > Next
  • Leave all three network types checked > Next
  • Give it a name > Finish
  • Repeat the process for Inbound


You'll need to delete this rule once the update can be deployed.



How to revert all of your hard work:


Simply verify game files through whichever platform you run.


It'll take a few, but eventually it will replace all the old stuff with the new stuff.


If you'd like, after the GTAV update, copy the new versions of the same list of files, so after RageMP updates, you'll just simply drag and drop and be updated.



Backup files to download if you didn't back it up

Steam only: Send a link if you can contribute them for this update.



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In step 5, what do you mean by 'New Rule > Program > Select your game > Hit Next '. Are we talking about GTA5.exe? Isn't it the launcher that downloads the update?

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10 hours ago, A44 said:

In step 5, what do you mean by 'New Rule > Program > Select your game > Hit Next '. Are we talking about GTA5.exe? Isn't it the launcher that downloads the update?

I was wondering this as well.

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For any steam user who wants the files, I made a mega.


<Download Removed> No longer needed, updated.


Hopefully this is allowed, if not! Apologies, feel free to remove this post.


Exe : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/0125fa149af2abf1d0378d65cc57c144b67bc7371b226690677718fd6ff7a871/detection
Rpf: Too Large File Size, not an executable anyway so should be of no concern?


Edit Note:

I've been told this apparently also gives you part of my NVE / Graphics Mod. Uh, just something to be aware of I guess if you have a slower computer.



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3 minutes ago, Hendrixx20 said:

My issue now that I updated GTA and didn't backup the files, any thing I can do now or I'll just have to wait?


Suffer, for you have made your bed now lie upon it.  Also, it will likely update today and you can play later lul.

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