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Neighborhood Piru (NHP)

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Neighborhood Piru is here to create a realistic portrayal of the Neighborhood Piru (Inglewood) community. Upon joining there are a few things you must complete prior to role-playing with our faction. We would like for our members to do their research and have basic knowledge of LA gang politics as well as knowledge of the Neighborhood Piru Street Gang. If you're not serious about role-playing with us and don't have any quality role-play to contribute to the faction then don't even bother trying to join because you will be removed from the faction by our leadership. We encourage members to focus on character development. We are accepting members who are willing to take constructive criticism and are willing to learn.

The faction itself consists of a majority of American-time zoned members (GMT -4 to GMT -8), however, there are quite a few members in the European timezone (GMT 0), so people should keep in mind that you will probably catch people in-game no matter what time zone you are in. Every day is different, so our "peak" times cannot be specified. You will most likely catch more members online during the night time and sometimes during the afternoon due to school and work (between 2:00 PM and 12:00 PM). 


Contact either @Stack Or Starve or @Letter From The Trenches @City Of Champions for our discord or questions on joining the faction.

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Shots are let off. The group run back to the car however the group are abruptly swarmed by the police. Alicia decides to clamber out and go on a foot-pursuit.



Martez Diggs was conveniently on stand-by, watching the whole thing go down.


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