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[LSNN] Attorney Joel Avram goes missing; search underway

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Attorney Joel Avram goes missing; search underway




Los Santos, SA - The Los Santos News Network is saddened to announce that Los Santos' well-known and successful Attorney Joel Avram (28) has been missing and unreachable to family, friends and colleagues since Monday, 5th July, 2021. 



Joel Avram


Mr. Avram has built a successful law career in Los Santos. He has been representing many clients in court, with high success rate throughout his whole career. At June 2021, he became an in-house attorney for LSNN.


"I truly hope he is okay, we are good friends and he is a great attorney", was LSNN's Dennis Sidwell's short statement.


"I've always been satisfied that LSNN landed Joel Avram for an in-house attorney, he is great at his job. We hope that everything is alright with his general well-being, however, we are very worried. We truly hope for the best", said Network's President Christopher Gardner in a statement. 


LSNN's source has stated that Avram's sudden disappearance has been reported to the LSPD, who then contacted the LSPD's Detective Bureau, by one of Avram's friends, who preferred to stay anonymous. 






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11 minutes ago, Smith said:

Username: ACAB

Comment: Good riddance. Dude was a complete scumbag who represented clients who were some of the worst criminals in LS. 

Username: kevin finnerty

comment: the username and comment dont match

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