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How did you learn about GTAW?

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Missi invited me to the grand opening of the server. I decided to check it out, and it seemed pretty cool. I especially loved character customization.


What's turned me off is the grind. I don't like doing RPG jobs like fishing or trucking for hours on end in order to receive that precious e-money. In my opinion, and I'll say this here, I think that the universal basic income that all new players receive each hour should persist forever. I think players should be rewarded for their role-play, not for doing all these grindy jobs (e.g. fishing, mining, trucking...) Get that fixed, and I'm sure even more people will be interested in joining this community.

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I was playing on LSRP, then someone PM'd me "Fuck this s*hit, come to GTAW", and I said, "What is GTAW?" so he said "It's the future son" so I reached my hand out to him and he grabbed his all mighty hand around me like an angel and we both flew away, the end

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6 minutes ago, Department of Justice said:

I was in LS:RP's old DoJ Discord server when I saw a group of (ex-)government members talking GTA World and its future.

thats a little weird using a faction account to comment lol

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