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How did you learn about GTAW?

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Wanted to get back into SAMP Roleplay, and discovered the majority of the severs had shut down or dipped majorly in activity. 


Googled "GTA V RP Mods" and stumbled upon RageMP. Downloaded it, and saw World was top of the list for english playing servers, applied on the UCP.


And that, as they say, ladies and gents, is history.

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I was playing on Eclipse Roleplay when I began to see that the roleplay quality is absolutely horrendous. Searched for other servers and found this the first time in 2019, played for a bit and left. Came back shortly in 2020 and began to play here fully in 2021.

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I first got to know about GTA W back in 2017 or 18 when this Youtuber named Klorontix was making a bunch videos on this server back in the days. I was impressed that the server had like nearly 600 to 800 players online. And when I was on LSRP and RCRP people were talking about joining GTAW so i thought it would be the era of RP. so here I am.

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