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How did you learn about GTAW?

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I remember looking for GTA V roleplay servers on google and I found this server, it was unreleased and I applied to join once it opened, back when I used to crash every 10 minutes on my old PC xD.

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A friend of mine spammed me for day and night to check this server out back in 2018. Took me two years to finally decide to check it out myself and I regret not doing it two years ago.

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A friend of mine from another SAMP server mentioned GTA 5 roleplay to me and said that I should try it out ?

I looked around for a long time on youtube and google etc. and found GTA World to be the best text-based english heavy roleplay server  there is

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I was nostalgic in regard of roleplay and was searching stuff on YouTube while I actually found this server, started downloading GTA V right away then submitted application and couple hours later, back into stuff ❤️ 

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