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NuttyFatsFromDa9ina〽️; The Mafio$o Reaper Child

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Jarvis Webb at the age of 16, w/ Giovante McNeil a/k/a Infant HardHead & Stacey Frye a/k/a Infant ChiefAce (On the left photo) Jarvis Webb at the age of 18. (Middle & Right Photo)



Character Name and Alias(es): Jarvis Webb a/k/a NuttyFats#3 a/k/a Baby Nutty
Generation: Eastside Main Street Crip Gang; Parc Side Clique (Baby Generation)
Occupation/Status: Active Gangmember, 98th Street Resident, Neighborhood Pharmacist
Known For/Street Background; 


• Jarvis currently resides in the Rancho Project housing with his girlfriend but walks to Roy Lowenstein  in order to function with other gang members apart of ESMSPBC. 


• Jarvis is known around the neighborhood to keep the score at least equal or positive with most enemies that they're actively back and forth with, violent wise. He's also a trash-talker, he'll mostly browse social media just to talk about the deceased or anybody else who isn't as healthy as himself, such as in gun shot injuries or just injuries in-general.


• He’s been in a various amount of shootouts that he mostly initiated and somehow only has been grazed with a bullet one time. Many people believe he hasn’t died because Main Street’s enemies are too scared to even risk to roll a pair of dice.


• He’s the known murderer of Nalani “Okilla 3Fingerz” Epps. It’s rumored Nyheim “HK#5” Rose, Devon “C3” Bailey, and himself used a black primo to creep up on 83 Hoovers block. Various shots rang off, after the shots went off, Nalani Epps was on the floor. Devon assisted in killing Nalani, but Jarvis hit her with the final bullet.

Jarvis is an active participant of gang violence; shootings, squabbles, even with vandalizing enemy territory. Jarvis is a laid back individual other than that.

 It would be known that Jarvis beat two attempted murder charges with Giovante McNeil, the victims were known Primera Flat 13 members. This happened during the war between MSPBC and Bounty Hunter Bloods. It was over 30+ of people in the area, around 85+ shots went through the alley-way. Jarvis was arrested at the All Saint's Davis Hospital whilst getting his shoulder stitched.

• Jarvis was released on June 7th, 2021 at the age of 18 for his previous charges and a few feuds he had in the Youth Correctional Facility.


Drug Dealer — This character focuses on the sale of illegal narcotics. This character probably knows someone who they can get drugs from whole sale, and either distributes to smaller dealers or deals on the streets themselves. 

Property Theft — This character steals things. Whether that be cars, breaking into homes, or robbing others at gunpoint. You can recruit others to help you with your schemes, or do these missions solo. The items are probably sold online, or to others in the neighborhood.



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