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[LSNN] Pride Month: Crowds take to the streets for this weekend’s Pride March

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Pride Month: Crowds take to the streets for this weekend’s Pride March






Los Santos, SA All across America this June celebrations are taking place to mark Pride Month. A time for reflection and celebration for those belonging to the LGBTQ+ community.


Los Santos is no exception.  A series of Pride related events have been organized by the community and the local government’s Department of Cultural Affairs in collaboration with the ULSA’s Student Union. Community barbecues, a beach party and of course Saturday's pride march were all parts of the larger itinerary of events.



Marchers organized in the parking lot outside of the Hope Community Cener



The processions' first steps, leaving the parking lot


Guided by two Los Santos Police Department motorcyclists, Saturday’s marchers began their walk from the Hope Community Centre in Little Tokyo. Those attending the march came from all walks of life, with local politicians and members of local law enforcement agencies mingling amongst the sea of people.


“It’s just about human rights,” one of those who had been present at the march told LSNN, “I’m straight, but I’m here because I have friends who are gay and I wanted to show my support”.



Marchers head down towards Vespucci Beach



Two motorcyclists from the Los Santos Police Department escorted the marchers



The crowd makes further progress, nearing the beach


The group made their way down to Vespucci beach, where an after-party was held. Local government agencies such as the Los Santos Sheriff's Department were present with booths, as well as a number of local businesses such as Magnolia records who were selling merchandise.


The crowd grew larger as more people joined in the after-party, held on Vespucci beach. Local artists performed on stage for those celebrating. Throughout the day, speeches were also given by community members such as Maty Hanley, Superintendent of Public Instructor at the San Andreas State




Crowds gather at the afterparty at Vespucci Beach



Booths set up by the Los Santos Fire Department and the Los Santos Sherriff's Department were present 



Alternative angle of the group present at the Vespucci Beach afterparty


The sun setting didn’t put an end to the party. Many stuck around to enjoy festivities even as the dusk set in.  




A stage was set up on the beach



Even after the sun set, the party continued (photo credit C. Saunders)


Celebrations continue on Sunday at 8PM at the Fantasia Events Hall, where “Dragvengers Party and Drag Show” will be held. 







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Username: ARepublican01
Comment: Actually counted the male participants on the photos and came down to 2-4, at the march. Disclaimer: some might be just there, because they were drunk or "white knights" to protect the dyke population of LS. 
But I was shocked though - only 20 people or so at the march?! 😄 Really shocking, since 85-90% of the female population of our state is LESBOS IDIOTICUS.

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Username: Bundlez85
Comment: You got this city supporting a fucking disease! What do you expect from senators that can't properly define what a "Sergeant" is? Same bloodclat idiots that want to hire "Specialized Investigative Drug Detectives" at checkpoints! You need to hire bloodclat psychiatrists and priests and put checkpoints on this fucking mental illness, instead! Less time making up words and definitions and fixing the real problems that are destroying this country!

Edited by DLimit
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Username: PotatoShart

Comment: No obese, ugly, monstrosities in the crowd? Obviously this is faked by the zionist government this poor excuse of a state is ran by so we don't notice the influx of lead in our tap water.


Wake the fuck up, Los Santos.

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