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Srpska Mreža

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Out of character information



 We are looking for players who want to develop well-rounded and realistic characters,. If you are interested in climbing the ranks quickly you should definitely look at another faction to join. Character development is key within this faction and our main focus will be on creating unique and realistic characters, please note: The majority of the faction are 2nd to 3rd generation Serbian-Americans, we do not forbid fresh of the plane characters but it would be better to ask one of the leaders for more information on creating a character for the faction.


All members must enter and progress in the group through IC methods, we are happy to assist every new and veteran member in joining the faction by assisting with a name and a story-line in order to join this faction.

This faction has been in development since the beginning of June.


Only members of the faction/discord with specific permissions are allowed to post screenshots on the thread.

Faction discord; https://discord.gg/vvKeYhtEak


Questions/concerns can be PMed to @Bellagio @ItsKenny


information about joining/ setting up a character can be PMed to @Farrell @Yevtushenko

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