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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds


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15 hours ago, MikeTheMike said:

AAAAA, I got to top 20 in my first game and broke my ankles exitting a vehicle without realizing I'd take damage. RIP the dream.


You'll get there again. 

First game - top 20

Second game - I won


Last night, I made it to top 4 without even seeing another player...


Just now - Top 35, went and took a shit, came back to be in the top 20. Continued on and finished 9th without seeing a single player.

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Shame the stats ain't working right now. Would love to see how high I'd be on the leaderboards after me and a buddy tryharded the past two days. Pretty sure we have gotten top 10 90% of the games and won like 60% of them.

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This is my best game by-far, took about 7 minutes near the end though because the other player decided he wanted to camp in the tall grass instead of being a chad and rushing into the field. The Mini-14 is fucking OP though, get it with a 2x or 4x scope and you're on grounds for a chicken dinner.

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