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Amendment to Rule 17 in regards to sexual advertisements

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1 hour ago, Smilesville said:

Do the dildos depicted in the base game discomfort you? What about the colorful dialog from Trevor and others?


My point is this: seems to me you've got all this backwards.


I'm not opposed to separating ads by NSFW tags, but let's be clear: venturing into an adult space doesn't mean the adults should be made to tone everything down for you. You've adopted the risk of discomfort by playing an M rated game and further venturing into an online community connected with it - and no matter how much server management may wish otherwise, GTAV is not a game for minors - period.


In my opinion, you really shouldn't be here to begin with. There are plenty of roleplaying spaces that don't involve mature subject matter by default.

This is, in all honesty, my stance on the matter. It's at the player's discretion to play these games.

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2021 is a really interesting year to witness. You can play the "I'm offended" and "it makes me uncomfortable" cards on literally anything and disguise it and use it just to get what you want, when it's quite simple, when a game is not for your age and it makes you offended and uncomfortable, you should not play it and leave the adults and other underages who don't have a problem with a couple of ads play it without having to be subjected to such suggestions.


Your suggestion equals sending an email to Rockstar and asking to remove all the sexual stuff from the game, all the violence and sexism towards women. But hey, if you send this email, please CC me on it, I'd really like to see Rockstar's response to it!


Furthermore, you registered on a server where you can be witness and be subjected to heavy violence roleplay. But no, that's not a problem, a couple of advertisements are the problem. You know, while you're at this, you should write an email to my country's president and ask why are there offensive billboards around the capital city. You should immediately demand a removal.


And while we're at the "I'm offended" thing, I'm a girl and a feminist irl and I'm offended that the mob factions display sexism and do not accept female characters to be associates, soldiers, underbosses and bosses. Like why not, just because of our gender? It is not politically correct and I propose a change where it would be immediately allowed, because it offends me. It's sexist and it makes me uncomfortable. And while we're at it, I don't like to see violence roleplay either, I hope the admins reading this post will make it a better enviroment for me and change the stuff. And if you disagree with me on this, I will be offended! 🙂

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23 minutes ago, YB said:

2021 is a really interesting year to witness. You can play the "I'm offended" and "it makes me uncomfortable" cards on literally anything and disguise it and use it just to get what you want

In that case, I'm offended that I'm not an admin. Server Management please make me an admin otherwise I will report you for being mean and offending me (a minor).



In all seriousness, as someone who is also underage, I really hate seeing the escort ads. While it doesn't make me personally uncomfortable, I just think its not a great way to go about it, especially when prostitution is still illegal ICly. I do know that many people, such as the OP, don't want to see those kinds of ads, and that's fine. We should amend rule 17.

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10 hours ago, jcat said:

If you want to play with the big kids, then accept that the big kids play how they play, and don't try to force them to change to suit yourself.



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14 hours ago, Jax said:

I fully agree with @bonk.

We don't need to see your porn ads/ or you being horny and looking for " a good time" ads.

Then enforce the existing rules? Its already a thing. 😅


Im a bit confused here. 

Unless you want to ban adult company ads like adult movies and storess or filter them differently.


Solo girls looking for work or any other people looking for work ads have not been allowed for a bit now. Just enforce your rules. 

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