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[LSNN] Democratic Senator Valeria Reyes introduces State Legalization of Sex Work Bill; proposes decriminalization of sex work

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Democratic Senator Valeria Reyes introduces State Legalization of Sex Work Bill; proposes decriminalization of sex work 



Los Santos, SA - On the 16th of June, 2021, Democratic Senator Valeria Reyes introduced the State Legalization of Sex Work Bill of 2021 in the State Senate of San Andreas, on a regular Senate session. A Bill to amend the San Andreas Penal Code, as currently imposed in the State of San Andreas, in relation to decriminalizing sex work and to repeal and amend certain provisions of such law relating to prostitution, pimping and pandering.



LSNN Director Dennis Sidwell and Valeria Reyes in the LSNN studio on the 14th of May, 2021



Ms. Reyes had forwarded a new bill for discussion in the State Senate. She proposes decriminalization of sex work and creating a framework that safeguards the human rights of sex workers and protects them from exploitation. She stated that her bill promotes the welfare and occupational health and safety of sex workers, prohibits the use in sex work of persons under 18 years of age and is conducive to public health.


** The article includes a screenshot of the introduced bill in the Senate. **





Secretary of State Guillermo Perez referred the Bill to the HELP committee. "Mister President, I request Riley King to attend as a witness for the bill. She is part of my staff and author of the bill. Furthermore, I request reconsideration to refer this to the Public Safety committee instead, as this bill is ammending the criminal procedure and the penal code", said Ms. Reyes in response.


"Mister President, I regret to inform you that I will be unable to chair this hearing, due to personal issues. The bill can either be sent to another committee, or the President Pro Tempore or President of the Senate can appoint an alternative", said Democratic Senator Diana Jones, then walked out of the State Senate.


"Very well, this bill will be considered by the Public Safety Committee. Senator Jones you can always delegate the chair to another member of your caucus, or, the Senate", responded Mr. Perez.






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4 minutes ago, ThatDutchPerson said:

Username: Anon2343

Comment: “Reyes yet again didn’t introduce the 41st bill to LSNN”


Since when are senators obliged to introduce something to LSNN before bringing it to the senate? Someone at the editorial staff seems butthurt.

Username: Ayzee

Comment: Ok lol you literally ripped this off of Reyes’ facebrowser post.

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