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Are all the vehicle incidents suppose to be Role-Played?


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I do wish people roleplay car accidents more.

Here's a story: A few months ago, me and a friend was just going on a drive during the night (which was during peak server hours). We were smashed into from the side at an intersection from someone going 100+ in Hawick. You would expect us to void this crash right? We didn't, nor did the other driver.

What happened next was arguably the best RP I've ever seen on GTAWorld, which I had only been playing on the server for mere weeks at the time. Bystanders who witnessed the crash came up to help us and the other driver. Within a few minutes, Police and Paramedics were called and were on scene and it was amazing seeing everything unfold. Seeing police block the roads and medics helping the three of us, who RP'ed quite serious injuries from the accident. The quality of this RP was amazing. Then later came hospital RP, which we were lucky to actually have a doctor working. The other driver actually logged out from the server in the hospital to RP him staying overnight. Then later, me and my friend RP'ed our injuries at home and stuff. It was really good character development for us and the RP quality was insanely good.

This was an amazing RP experience. Was the other driver at fault for driving that fast in Hawick? Sure. It's possible. But imagine if we did void that crash. This entire story wouldn't have happened. I wouldn't have had this amazing RP experience to remember. In the end, I'm glad we didn't opt out of that RP. It was genuinely good RP that people should experience. But voiding a crash completely just erases that potential experience from happening.  

Which is why I believe you should RP all crashes. You never know what kind of RP you can get out of it. Sure, you may just end up exchanging info with the other driver or some other small RP, but that's still better than immediately voiding it.

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Most people end up voiding or blaming it on desync. And it's true, desync exists, streamer problems exist, lately I don't see some cars until they spontaneously appear down the block and FLY past me.


Anyways, some people just don't know how to roleplay car crashes, injuries, and insurance.

It's ridiculous but I've seen people get sued for money for the 'repair work' due to a car crash, when they had insurance. That is the exact reason an insurance company exists. If your car hits another person's car, your company covers the damages. But instead, some people demand money and I've seen some sue the other driver instead of rp passing their insurance details along accordingly (and no I don't mean actual insurance fraud schemes)


And also, some people hate the hassle of medical roleplay if it was an intense accident. It ties into another problem - some of the RP the EMTs print out and the information they ask for is so in depth and precise that it leaves regular people wondering what the fuck is going on. Not everyone knows what your blood pressure, heart rate, and vitals would look like following certain injuries and accidents. Some people can make it interesting, some are just printing out information they were taught, that offers little value to anyone else at the scene.


And then, not everyone knows that the force of a specific car accident would do to your car. Sometimes they argue about it ADAMANTLY even if they're wrong and a rear-end hit would not total both cars and result in everyone being blown into a coma.


Basically, people suck, desync sucks, no one knows how insurance works, no one agrees on what the injuries/damages might be, most people don't know the in-depth details that the paramedics print out to us (or ask from us). It's no wonder people hate car accident rp.

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1 hour ago, Havana said:

Basically, people suck, desync sucks, no one knows how insurance works, no one agrees on what the injuries/damages might be, most people don't know the in-depth details that the paramedics print out to us (or ask from us). It's no wonder people hate car accident rp.

Shine on you crazy diamond!

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I take issue when people crash into me and go "/b void?" simply because often I got hit in something that was everything BUT desync.

I also think we need more established guidelines on how to RP a car crash. Why?

I voluntarily CKed my character over getting hit by a car driving 90 miles per hour (the crash later got voided so the CK did too.) and I would again 100% of the time. While it is possible to get shot in the chest and walk away, getting hit by a car above 30, 40 mph would either kill you or leave you paraplegic.

People driving into eachother at 50 MPH would be absolutely trashed.

100 MPH? Instantly dead.


Yet people do /me seatbelt and has a bleeding nose


As soon as, after crashing, someone goes in /b and says "desync" "void" "lag", my will to RP is almost entirely gone, unless I can see it was honest desync. As soon as I see someone walk it off after a 40+ MPH crash, I cringe so hard because it is basically powergaming.


Around 11:30 you get to see a 50 mph crash into a wall. The car is trashed.

15:30 you get to see a 100 mph crash into a car. It is like a human crumbling a piece of paper.

20:40 you see two cars crashing into eachother at 50 mph.


Quite simply said, I believe that a lot of care should be put into roleplaying car crashes with people PKing if they're doing anything above 70, simply because there is no realistic way to walk away from that without being a paraplegic or at the very least breaking several bones and spending a year in a hospital.


Might make a rule suggestion tbf.


Bottom line: drive safe, and most crashes are avoided. If someone else crashes into you, be willing to play it out. It s*cks, but sometimes you take an L. 

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Honestly, most of the time I've been here, everyone roleplay's crashes or at least attempts to. Now sometimes lag, desync and the rest of it plays a part.


Would be nice if more people done it.



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