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Rafael was born and raised in South Los, more specifically the Rancho neighborhood. From a young age Rafael was exposed to violence and drug use from his various family members, many of whom were initiated gang members of VR13. Rafael was very close specifically with his uncle, Carlos "Lefty" Méndez, a validated member of the Mexican Mafia. Rafael was groomed to join his family members in the Varrio Rancho Trece gang and when the time came, he did. After a string of RICO charges swept up the Rancho shotcaller Big Smiley Espinoza and rendered VR13 nearly defunct, Bestia, Silent, Lenta resumed the operations of the gang dodging charges themselves. Unfortunately Bestia and Lenta would not be able to escape the claws of law enforcement for long, both were sent to prison on unrelated charges. Bestia spent 15 years in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. More specifically at the high security facility at USP Victorville and then medium security USP Lompoc. He was released to a city and gang he barely recognized. The only familiar faces being Lenta, Snappy who had grown from the small 12 year old Rafael last knew and Demon, who was the de facto leader of S/S Varrio Rancho 13.


Méndez began slowly consolidating his power and generally staying out of the internal Rancho politics, some of which spilled over to violence. Most of Rafael's attention at the time was focused on restoring his funds, which he has done. From the time of his release from the BOP until the present day, he's watched his varrio feel the full might of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department and seen the negative consequences of such police scrutiny. This is what led to the restructuring of S/S VR13, with Bestia at the head of the table. Under his leadership the gang's operations had become much more clandestine. Due to his connections in other cities such as San Diego, Las Vegas and even across the border in Tijuana, VR13 has been able to endure and thrive despite their conflicts with various rival gangs simultaneously. Under his leadership the gang has become much more organized, unified and militant. The petty childish infighting was put swiftly to an end and the gang has been focused heavily on narcotics sales.


Rafael had taken a large step back from day to day operations of the gang and continues to exert influence through his lieutenants, the chief lieutenant being "Boxer" Pérez. Unfortunately the S/S VR13 street gang would be hit with another RICO indictment and subsequent federal investigation that cut the head from the snake of the organization and rendered the gang basically defunct. This was a major blow to Bestia's revenue stream and he was narrowly escaped a life sentence himself. However Rafael had his sights set on higher ambitions than leading the most hated gang in the city. Throughout his criminal career Rafael had the privilege of making the acquaintance of five Carnales (Made Mexican Mafia members) before being brought into the fold himself. It's common for a Sureno to go their entire gang career without even making the acquaintance of even one of the illusive Emeros. Because of this Bestia was tasked to take on certain responsibilities by the Carnales, in service of the Eme.

Like his introduction to the gang life, he was shown the ropes of ''the life'' by his mentors Damian "Devil" Reyes and Eric "Scrappy" Suarez. He had made the key connections and interactions with other infamous Carnales such as Victor "Midget" Arroyo and James "Shady Dos" Gallegos during the time he spent locked up. When the time came, his name was put up for membership. In the Mexican Mafia a prospective member is brought in by 1 other carnal who is then called his Padrino. Due to Bestia's reputation, income earned and acts done in service to the Eme his vote was quickly accepted and supported by all of the Carnales who were running the show at the time. 


After a federal RICO indictment whisked off Devil, Scrappy and finally Big Midget to the ADX Florence Federal Super Max prison (the same facility that El Chapo, Larry Hoover and The Uni Bomber are housed at), Bestia stepped up to his seat at the mesa with other notorious Carnales such as Dominic "Devious" Ruelas and the late Santos "Cuatro" Ortega.


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