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Add Active RP Bonus to operating Taco Trucks


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I've been having a lot of rich RP experience recently operating "Notice Me Sempai" (Jiro's Art and Taco Van). I park usually on Vinewood Blvd, and set up a boombox with Dominican music, while having a great time conversing and RPing with customers who buy my art, tacos or both. It's actually been a very rewarding and wholesome experience, and I've gotten feedback ic and ooc that it having the van set up like this adds a 'living world' feel to the server.


My suggestion is: Why not make this a "real" job? I can already use /bad to make an ad and a blip, the only thing missing is the ability to earn some active rp cash while I do it. I feel like the business truck idea adds richness to the server and could be potentially a lot of fun for other players who want to set up the same sort of thing, whether it be selling food, apparel, or whatever they might imagine.



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This plus:

Would be a nice addition to the food truck RP. I think this could be expanded on greatly, possibly with custom liveries? I also wish there was a way for food truck business owners to make custom food items without having to buy their own building and all that in order to get the script. It really makes the barrier of entry pretty high unless you're planning on sticking to the base items from 24/7's.

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As it is now, I just feel like the support towards these Taco/Food trucks is expressed with bigger tips (but probably isn’t the right way to do).


Supported, switching to this idea to keep these kind of businesses running is way better.

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