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[AMB] LSNN Director Dennis Sidwell victim of LSPD misconduct and corruption; several on duty officers subject him to harassment

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By: Marcus H.

San Andreas, SA - On the 8th of June 2021 the Director of Los Santos News Network (LSNN) has been a victim to Los Santos Police Department's misconduct and corruption, when several on duty officers subjected him to harassment in public, stated several traumatized witnesses who were taking a walk nearby the LSNN building and the Pillbox Medical Center, where the two scandals were happening. 



(Dennis Sidwell)


"I was walking my dog with two friends in front of the LSNN building when I saw two LSPD K9 SUVs and one /cruiser pulled up in front of the LSNN HQ, where Mr. Sidwell was standing there with Carry Saunders and one unknown (to the public) male. I stopped to watch, because I thought that it was just another crime scene and Mr. Sidwell being questioned as a witness, but what I saw next shocked me. Four officers left the vehicles and demanded for Mr. Sidwell to enter the back of the cruiser because there's a warrant out for him for his blood sample to be taken. He seemed shocked, he asked what's going on. I don't know Mr. Sidwell personally, I've only been watching him on TV, but I'd assume, such a public figure would not do a crime that warrants a warrant, that's for sure. The officers told him that they need to take him to Pillbox Medical Center for a blood sample, because he has committed vandalism, had broken his ex girlfriend's car window. You see, I was going to say "allegedly" here, because everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but these officers did not use that word. They immediately acussed him, they threatened him with arrest, they treated him like the biggest cocaine dealer right there, in front of his employees and all of us who were taking a walk around, as well as the cars that were passing-by. We were all shocked watching this situation occur. There was no professionalism there, if they treat a journalist like this, knowing that he can put them on the news, imagine how would they treat us citizens who are in the working class, who don't have access to truly tell our story. That's why I decided to take this matter in my own hands and tell the public of San Andreas what happened to this poor man. They could've asked him to talk to him inside his office, there's plenty of other professional ways, instead of publicly embarassing him on the street. But it didn't end there.  He was pinned against the cruiser and frisked, after one of the officers took out his Rolex watch, he said sarcastically "nice watch man, can't you afford a better one?" while laughing together with his colleague. After that, they hauled him off in the back of the cruiser and remarked that he should be grateful that he's not in cuffs. I immediately got in my car and went in front of Pillbox Medical Center too, because I noticed their unprofessional behaviour and from this point of view, I'm glad that I did, because what was happening there was much worse. The same officer who remarked about his watch, which should not happen, since someone's financial situation is a very person matter, he said to Mr. Sidwell that he should run away from the police, indirectly indicating to him that he should commit a crime. Mr. Sidwell responded that it will go in the news, but the officers continued taunting him, the same officer said "you are the one who has a warrant on him for a blood sample, once we confirm it, you will get arrested for breaking your ex girlfriend's car window, that's vandalism". Here comes the worst, when Mr. Sidwell replied that he hasn't done that and that his ex girlfriend withdrew the report, the female officer said that even though the report was withdrawn, he will still get arrested. Then, one of the male officers further taunted Mr. Sidwell, saying "I've heard all the stories about you Sidwell, I know you very well since my time in the State. You deserve this and worse". After a while of this harassment, we heard talks on their radio, the female officer said "oh, this will be a hard message to pass on", then she informed the others on scene that the judge dropped the warrant for Sidwell's blood sample to be taken, visibly disappointed that she can't pin a false charge on Mr. Sidwell, to which the officer who remarked that he has been in the State, said "Why? Oh, the filing officer can suck my cock. Fuck". The other officer then informed Mr. Sidwell that he's free to go and that his luck shines through again, visibly disappointed too. By this point, Mr. Sidwell was crying and shaking, going through a panic attack. The female officer coldly told him to call a friend to pick him up, and then they drove off from the scene. Each of us witnesses to this situation were heartbroken after witnessing this whole situation. To treat a man like that, then to not help him about visible psychological and physical issues caused by their harassment? Where's the empathy of our officers? It was obvious that they wanted him arrested, it was a personal vendetta. Is this what San Andreas has come to? Again, if this happens to such a public figure like a LSNN Director, who has media power, but clearly too afraid to write about this on his LSNN website, imagine what can happen to us citizens who have no protection behind us", said the witness who wanted to stay anonymous, because of fear of revenge. 


"The harassment didn't end there. I saw one more thing, the same officer who remarked about being a part of the State before he started a career in the LSPD immediately asked why Mr. Sidwell was suddenly let go. The female officer on scene explained to him that Sidwell's ex girlfriend lied to the police about him beating her up and breaking her car's window. He tried to press that she should get a warrant on her and then get arrested, implying that she's just trying to protect him now. Poor girl had to tell them that she lied, because no matter how hard she tried to withdraw the report, they didn't want to allow her. Then, even though the female officer on scene said that the ex girlfriend AnneMarie Montiel won't get arrested, she still did, later on the night. This was told to me by a confident source from the police. I'm not lying, there's going to be a court case about her soon, and the media and everyone can attend it. A police officer said this to me", said another source who also wished to remain anonymous. I've been told by trustworthy sources that Sidwell's personal lawyer J.A. will defend Ms. Montiel in court.


We tried to get in contact with Dennis Sidwell to get his side of the story, but he didn't respond to us via an email. And of course, who would? He's probably seriously scared and traumatized. The citizens of San Andreas should rise up and against this type of misconduct by the LSPD, we should put a stop to harassment all together.


(( Comments are ENABLED.


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Username: NA

Comment: The LSPD should fire these few bad apples, as they mispresent the LSPD. The LSPD Chief should issue a statement about this. Terrible. Dennis Sidwell, you're a legend in this city, keep it up.

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Username: LT

Comment: If there is one thing in this life that's a turn off, it's a man in a suit at the top of a corporation who cries like a baby when the Law comes knocking. Good Lord above. Should pay the Officers more to deal with it, honestly. What a waste of time.

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Username: Skirt

Comment: Dennis would never hit a woman, nor break her car's window. But even if he hypothetically did it, that's not a huge crime, to warrant to get his blood sample on such a terrible way, not to mention, to laugh about his watch, to literally tell him to commit a crime, to tell him that he deserves to cry because there's stories about him and worst, to not help a crying man, shaking in public, going through a panic attack after they let him go, after the judge decided the warrant to get dropped. These bad apples officers mispresent the PD indeed. All four officers should get fired. Scum.

Edited by Edward Collins
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Username: Anarchy
Comment: SD is corrupt af, now PD harasses the director of LSNN. maybe upkeep the peace instead of keeping the citizens under fear. fucking disgusting, PD. Shame on you and I hope IA comes around to bite you in the ass

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