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What's your favorite vehicle?

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None, I hate them all, and that comes from someone who does a lot of driving.


All this time in GTA 5, I am yet to find a car that fits my preferences for both performance as well as aesthetics in the same time.


Ideally I want a Schafter V12's handling on a Schlagen GT body.


I have, LITERALLY, at this point spent over 2 million IG $ in buying cars, modifying them, ending up not absolutely pleased (and I need to be absolutely pleased) and selling them for a loss, of course.


I'm currently mostly pleased with a Hellfire. I fancy the look and it's close to the V12 in handling, except it's a bit inferior in the top speed department and oversteers more due to the heavier rear. It's also cheap as dirt. Screw GTAW pricing sometimes.

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Pretty happy with my Windsor but I saw a egg head car on the first page. Might change to that one it was pretty exclusive.

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