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What's your favorite vehicle?


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During my Mallrat RP, I decided to dump some cash into this. It was a head turner everywhere I went. Handled like shit, did not go fast, but it was mine. If I could go back in time, I'd keep this thing around, just for the memes,

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Alamo because it's reliable for just about everything you need and if you paint it white people think it's an unmarked and leave it alone.

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GTA V has a lot of amazing cars and a wide variety in different types and sorts both through vanilla vehicles and mod additions. Personally, the Yosemite New Gen caught my attention and has been the vehicle of choice for my main character ever since. It is a reliable, modern 4x4 pickup truck with a certain amount of comfort. It is no cheap pickup like the Sadler and drives like the pickup truck it is unlike the Caracara 2020 - although with less modding options. Just a nice, reliable allrounder car that is fun to drive around San Andreas, may it be road, dirt path or straight off-road sections.




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