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Gage MaraVilla Rifa

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Gage MaraVilla, alternatively known as Gage MaraVilla Rifa, is a small but violent street gang that originated with its roots out in East Los Santos in the mid-1980s. In the mid 2010's, the gang's seen a steady decline in activity and is considered partially defunct. Their enemies include the Dog Pound, Krazy Ass Mexicans 13, Lil Eastside, LOTT 13, Geraghty Loma and so on. In recent years, the area has seen a resurgence of gang activty and LSSD officials have found GMV at fault.



20200207_033453.jpg?width=647&height=634Maravilla gangs are located in East Los Santos in a vast area patrolled by the Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department. As is the case with most Chicano street gangs, each individual gang possesses unique geographical boundaries that physically separate one territory from another. A breakdown of each Maravilla barrio reveals an indicator about its name origination. The following Maravilla gangs are named after streets: Arizona, Fisher, Ford, Fraser, Gage, Kern, Marianna, and Pomeroy. Other Maravilla gangs include High Times, Juarez, Lomita, Lopez, Lote, Rock, Moriya, Maravilla Projects (MVP), Raskals, and Maravilla Rifa.







El Hoyo Maravilla, Spanish for “the marvelous hole,” utilizes the shortened version, Hoyo Mara or “HM,” and is the most notorious. Considered the original Maravilla gang, its physical location was referred to as “the hole” (El Hoyo) because of the lowered terrain in which it was situated. “El Hoyo Mara” traces its roots to the Prohibition Era in the 1920’s and has the distinction of surrendering 17 of its top gang members to the Mexican Mafia’s rank and file.


The Maravilla gangs should be historically recognized for their contribution to the establishment of, and their resistance to, the Mexican Mafia. For almost a half century, from 1957 until the 2000’s, there existed a dysfunctional love-hate relationship between Maravilla and the Mexican Mafia. The “love” between Maravilla and La EME began in the early years following the Mexican Mafia’s formation in 1957. When Louis “Huero Buff” Flores embarked upon his mission to recruit the “cream of the crop,” the leaders of the predominately Southern California based street gangs, Maravilla gang members were among the first EME to come aboard. Some of the original Mexican Mafia members from Maravilla included Gabriel “Little Sluggo” Castañeda, Richard “Riko” Diaz, Louis “Louie” Araujo, and Rafael “Chispas” Sandoval, each belonging to the Hoyo Maravilla gang. 

image0.jpg (696×716)


The first documented Mexican Mafia prison murder occurred on December 12, 1961, at San Quentin. It was committed by Alfredo “Cuate” Jimenez, also a member of El Hoyo Maravilla, who stabbed inmate Abel Nevarez to death in the prison’s vocational area. Nevarez sustained 18 stab wounds to his arms and chest and was killed over a drug-related dispute. To all those romanticists who enjoy the narrative of how the Mexican Mafia was once the defenders of La Raza and then turned against their own people, that is an inaccurate story. Like the vast majority of ethnic criminal organizations, La EME has never been motivated by ethnic pride nor is it even mentioned in their Reglas (rules). It it was always about power, status, and our business. Unfortunately, Nevarez was only one of many Hispanics who suffered the EME’s wrath. That’s the difference between those caught up in social movements and those involved in organized crime. It’s simply a case of apples and oranges.


In recent years, the largest numerical Mexican-American representation in California youth and adult incarcerations were from the various gangs from Sureno sets. As such, they were held in high esteem and they considered themselves self-appointed emissaries of the Chicano prison population. When the Mexican Mafia was formed at DVI, Maravilla’s leadership role was supplanted virtually overnight as EME’s elite prison warriors became instant superstars among their criminal peers. Nowdays Maravilla is known to pay taxes like any other set due to their image.



GBS vs. KAM13 (1996 - Present)


50481254_526906314468392_3869055237784556090_n.png (640×640)The aftermath of the crack epidemic left many families shattered, people ruined and lives claimed. However, there was one particular group making good use of this situation - street gangs. Gage Boys, GMV's newest clique, was ahead of their time when it came to this. They had recently started paying tax and had started showing allegiance to the Mexican Mafia. This required them to pay their dues, so the best way they did it was to flood East Side with crack cocaine. The business was booming, though it was small. There wasn't exactly much to go around. This was when GBS decided to expand their territory. One of the first areas they decided to push to was Fudge Lane, home to the infamous Kamsters (KAM13) gang. They considered them a threat to their business and so shortly after tensions started rising. A confrontation occurred between the two cliques on the evening of July 8th, 1998. Three KAM13 members robbed a few GBS members on Fudge, leaving them with nothing but empty pockets and hurt egos. As soon as word got back to Arthur Murillo a/k/a Looney, a notorious GBS leader, he set out to deal with the matter himself.

What started as an argument between him and the Kamster members ended up in him getting shot up not two minutes later. He was shot twice in the stomach and once in the shoulder. Arthur eventually succumbed to his injuries and died on the same spot after emergency services failed to respond on time. There on out, both gangs kept going at it back and forth. The war lasted roughly six years and claimed around eleven lives. The OGs, however, upset of all the bloodshed, decided to come along and establish a peace treaty between the two rivaling street gangs on March 23rd.


The war between KAM13 and GBS was put on hold for almost 16 years, but as the saying goes, nothing lasts forever. It sparked again on the night of June 5th, 2015. A house party was taking place on Fudge Lane and several members from both gangs were invited. Everything was going smooth until an argument broke out between Calvin Mena a/k/a X-Boy, a GBS affiliate, and Patrick "Speedy" Perez from KAM's side. Calvin was trying to hit on Patrick's sister Rochelle, but to no avail, Patrick took note of this and started pressing Calvin right on the spot. A huge fight broke out which resulted in Mena pulling a handgun. He let off a shot at Perez in the heat of the moment, hitting him in the shoulder. Everybody ran and the house party came to an end. The incident was brought to Andrew "Tazer" Loyosa's attention, the only GBS leader around at that time. It took seconds for him to throw the peace treaty out the window. He wanted Calvin's head, and so he organized a hit to fulfill that. Calvin was leaving work at Coin Laundry on the night of July 11th, when he saw a black sedan slowly creep up to him.


GMV vs LOTT13 (1985 - Present)


119878524_346655333051695_2617642991472246150_n.pngIt all started on the night of April 6th, 1985. Victor "Big Kidd" Santana a notorious LOTT13 leader was leaving the store on Mirror Park street. He noticed a black 1978 Mercury Zephyr following him down the road. The four-door eventually came to a stop around the corner when Javier Alarcon a/k/a Goofy leaned out with a Benelli M1. Harold was held at gunpoint for about five minutes. Both parties kept mouthing each other off until Javier accidentally pulled the trigger and blew Harold's head off right on the spot, killing him instantly. Word got back to other LOTT13 members that the car was packed with two individuals from Gage Maravill Rifa. Rafael "Spider" Loysa, another well-known LOTT13 leader, organized a hit to avenge Harold's death. Four LOTT13 members packed up in a red four-door and set out to seek revenge. It all went down when they open fired at an ongoing backyard party on Fudge Lane, killing around four people and leaving three injured. These consisted of innocent bystanders, women, and children as well.


The feud was officially established, as it stemmed further such incidents that'd continue to go on for years.



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