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Enforcing stricter radio rules

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Short description: As the title states

Detailed description: Over and over again what I see a lot on the server is people holding a conversation and suddenly jumping to (Radio) and talking in a fashion as if it is a group call, which looks to me like that is exactly what people use it for. Groups of people conversing over the radio like they're sat in a discord call, just on the open road. 

I'd even call it borderline MG as, the way people tend to use these radios, you're constantly in connection with a vast group of people across the server depending on who you gave the frequency to, without the need of calling, texting, let alone an item similar to a phone that broadcasts some manner of /ame or anything to tell anyone that they are talking on the radio, and not just /rlowing their current status to their radio militia.

Commands to add:x

Items to add:x

How would your suggestion improve the server?  I think my description says it all.

Additional information:

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Should report people more often for abuse or unrealistic use, and maybe not just in-game, but also on the forum. Removing it would not make sense. There's cabs who can benefit from it, companies that are not factions like truckers, security groups or even certain illegal activities where you need one.

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yh lol should be restricted to those that would realistically carry radios around, cops, emts, security, etc etc. looks appaling to see ppl treating it as some kinda group call n casually pulling their radio out of nowhere to chit-chat w/ their buddies 

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Shouldn't be removed, shouldn't be a device you use on your day-to-day life as an average Joe or whatever either. These types of devices are only used in very specific situations for legitamate purposes, not as a place for you and your friends to chit-chat with after a night out at a club or anything like that.

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 I'd say include rules of proper usage or limitations of /radio and everything in between. /r has been overused so much that the rules for it aren't clear at all and the in game rules list doesn't even state them.


I mean I've seen so many people use /r everywhere even when they're wearing next to nothing but a sun dress or shorts and a t-shirt, not able to determine what they could have on them to contact people all the way across the state over /r. I've seen illegal factions roleplay they have ear pieces to coordinate together (granted it was roleplayed well but it still seemed off). I've seen private companies say they carry walkie-talkies. I've seen regular civilians say they have CB radios in their cars. I've seen truck drivers say they have radio systems on their uniforms, everything under the sun. What's acceptable?


There needs to be a list expanding on this and drawing that line because everybody has their own justification of "do's and don'ts" with /r and nobody has a clear consensus of it. Maybe I'm just unobservant but I can't find one anywhere.

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