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[4SALE] Luxury Weazel Plaza Penthouse


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Located in the highly sought after Rockford Hills quarter, this beautiful building has been designed with exceptionally high standards to offer luxurious living throughout.  Originally designed by Russo Architecture & Design, Floor 24, Room 2 is an elegant two bedroom penthouse apartment on the twenty fourth floor of this elegant, luxurious tower block of apartments, newly refurbished to the highest standards and set behind a magnificent marble fronted period building in the heart of Los Santos. Accommodation includes a large, modern spacious kitchen with a dining area, a master suite bedroom, a guest suite, a large walk in bathroom and a stunning open access balcony with a view extending all angles of Los Santos. It is a moments walk from Vespucci Canals and is ideally located for those looking to live within the northern region of the city. 


Interior Pictures


Starting bid: $550,000

Buyout: $957,861


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Feel free to contact the poster of this advertisement through email via [email protected] ((Forum PM)) or alternative, send a message or call at #8814.


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((Balcony isn't allowed as per guidelines of property rules:

  • The interior must match the exterior of the building as closely as possible (we give a single length of wall leeway to interior size, but don't abuse this)
  • There must be windows/doors on the interior that match the exterior's windows/doors 
  • You may not map exteriors within your property (e.g. mapping balconies or outdoor seating inside your property)

Mapping will need to be redone, unless this has somehow been approved by administration, which it shouldn't as the building as far as the exterior goes has no balcony at all. Be free to correct me if I'm wrong.))

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