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Stanley Navarejo is a 21 Year Old Male born to a Navajo Native American Father & Mexamerican mother. Being too Mexican for his Native people & Too native for anyone else Stanley has found himself as an outcast in life.


His Father moved to San Andreas County before his birth, being apart of a riding club in the Senora Desert made up of both Hispanic, Native & Caucasian members. Being raised around Biker & Road culture Stanley admired his Father and his friends for a long while, unfortunately his Father had his own issues. 


Addicted to Methamphetamines & Abusive for most of Stanley's younger years, he found himself homeless on numerous occasions, stealing, begging and borrowing to keep himself a float. Like any teenager he found himself involved with Marijuana, Alcohol & Party Drugs which began to sow the seeds of his father's addictive personality. 


Once Stanley's father had passed away his Mother nosedived into Depression & illness causing Stanley to care for her and become the breadwinner of the home as well as collecting benefits (though most of his money goes on booze, cigarettes and weed). His father did leave him a little something as a parting gift when he died, a banged up old Harley Sportster which Stan can be seen riding around Rancho yet to be robbed of it.


Staying mostly out of trouble besides some slaps on the wrist for possession Stan's yet to see the world but his habit for drugs, parties & danger is about to take it's course.


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