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Why is the old clothing menu & advert system still available?


Do you still use the old clothing menu?  

139 members have voted

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People like options. It doesn't hurt to keep it around at all. 
We specifically asked to keep the old menu available..and we've been asking for the old hair salon menu instead of the CEF one forever also.

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15 minutes ago, shareef2 said:

Shiny stuff is overrated.

I didn't mind if the ads were shiny and appealing but they aren't, that is the problem

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Should be an option in the poll for using both.


New menu for when I'm casually browsing outfits as the sliders make it easier to navigate, old menu for super quick changes like adding a hat to all of my character's outfits as buying an outfit with the new menu kicks you out. 

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20 minutes ago, Alyssa McCarthy said:

I don't mind the popups in the new system, but unless it's been patched, not being able to use the arrow keys to quickly move through clothing options makes it alot slower to browse imo.



This was fixed a "long" time ago. You can use the arrow keys to select the items, just like the old system, and then press down once to highlight the different texture options and use the left/right arrow keys on them. It also remembers the clothing item you were on if you switch to pants and then back to shirts for example.

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On 5/26/2021 at 3:36 PM, TinPan said:

clearly superior updates

The fact that a very large percentage of the community would disagree with you here, should be more than enough to answer your question.


I mean, look at your own poll. More people use the old system than the new one. And I bet the numbers are even MORE skewed towards the old system of ads.

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