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The Tongva Nation




The History


Historical evidence suggests that the Tongva Tribe are descended from Uto-Aztecan peoples who originated in western North America. It is thought that these initial migrants moved into the region and absorbed or pushed out the earlier speaking Hokans. A majority of the Tongva territory is in what’s known as the Sonoran life zone. A land rich with ecological resources that allowed the group to thrive. Tongvans managed to get along well for many generations in this area. Prior to Christianization, they lived a fruitful life with a focus on the mutual respect of others and nature. However, this was all to change with the tide of colonization and Christianity looming. 



Recent Events Timeline



Undated photo of the Hahamog’na, a band of native Tongva people.

Modern Day


The Tribe’s culture is considerably scattered given the prior centuries of history. The mistreatment of Tongvan people and land has led to the Tribe losing much of its sense of togetherness. Their home split, sold, and bartered away as the dawn of a new country shone through. Along with this came the loss of portions of their culture. With this disconnect growing, many sought a new life, one outside of their home. It’s not uncommon for members of the Tribe to be living through the County, the City, and even the greater United States.


Although, there is some hope. The establishment of new members of the Tribe’s council has led to an uptick in general liveliness. While there is certainly a distrust of the government that actively helped destroy the group’s way of life, the younger and more ‘liberal’ members of the community make their stand to co-exist instead of watching their history get snuffed out. 



The Res' Location

The Reservation


Members of the Tribe commonly visit and interact with their family members that live on the reservation. Currently, the group has been displaced in what is technically *not* their land, however, the Tribe has little say when billion dollar corporations and American greed have taken precedence over the people’s history. The land is a common piece of contention for both members of the Tongva Tribe and local indigenous peoples alike. Technically, this is a displacement of Tongvan peoples, however, it is all they currently have to call 'their own'.

 OOC Info


This faction focuses heavily on the portrayal of modern day indigenous people(s) and the hardships they experience in an average life of a run-down reservation. More specifically the Tongva Tribe. Encompassing life challenges into our RP like sustainable drinking water, being threatened by hunters and focusing on the sensitive political relationships with law enforcement and integrating socially to an area they are unfamiliar with. The goal of this faction is to not strictly be viewed as an illegal group, rather a community of individuals with individual motivations, goals, etc that share commonality via their heritage. 


There is no specific path to crafting a character for this faction nor becoming a member of our community. However, only characters with a specific ‘blood quantum’ (highly controversial measurement of the amount of "Indian blood") are technically eligible to be a full fledged member of the Tribe. These members help govern and check our IC systems that are being established, including a small scale Tribal Council. However, we welcome anyone that’s interested in exploring this concept to reach out. 



  • We hold everyone to the highest OOC standards. Faction bashing, trolling, and general OOC tomfoolery is expected to be avoided. 
  • Faction leadership reserves the standard CK rights that apply. However, we promise that this will only be a final resort and will not come without exploring all other possible routes.
  • Screenshot posting requires approval to ensure quality. PM celestialrage or post in our approval channel prior to posting!

We invite anyone interested in viewing our collected resources, research, etc. to join us on Our Discord!! We have a compilation of useful resources accessible to anyone.

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