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Appealing Admin Records?

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You can literally already appeal it. We've expunged prior admins punishments before, especially in the case of minor punishments given by retired admins long ago. Punishments serve as a way for admins to gauge improvement, view prior instances of the same behaviour and to make logical punishment assessments based on previous administrative history. Things like warnings, admin jails, temp bans, perm bans should remain on record regardless of any length of time for that reason. If you wish to appeal things like AFK kicks or very minor things that have happened long ago that aren't really of any consequence now, see the information below.



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As someone who's been banned twice now. I personally don't care either way. I guess having those previous things on my record is sorta like a incentive for me to behave I guess, as I know that I cant screw up. I do like the idea of being able to like prove you turned a new leaf say if you haven't had any admin interactions for a long time. 

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Nobody cares after a couple of months as long as you don't do it again. If someone judges you unfairly based on a one year old ajail they're sweaty and you shouldn't bother hanging with those people or their factions.

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I would at least like mistakes removed. I got one of those wrong id bans and the admin didn't remove it from my record after they did it.... And I didn't know that until months later so now I also got a note saying it is a mistake too 3 months later. I don't like having to bring explain something that shouldn't be there to begin with. 

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4 hours ago, i dont wanna od in LA said:

Warnings are literally less serious than kicks. Why wouldn't you be able to get rid of those?

Kicks like AFK in public, warning are not less serious, you can't get a warning for staying afk, but you can get one for doing something questionable for example selling a vehicle with the price for $6 to evade the taxes, that's abusing of the script and can be punished even with a ban. I, personally, don't compare kicks, less serious, with warnings.

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