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[HIRING] - Zenith Automotive (Dealership) - Procurement Executive

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Positions Available 4

Description: Procurement Executives are a part of the Vehicle Procurement Team at Zenith Autos. They represent the dealership by attending to all customers that visit our location for selling their vehicle or for requesting a quote on it. They inspect the incoming vehicles thoroughly and fill out our detailed QC form based on multiple parameters. They work directly with the ZA Associates and assist them in quoting a vehicle for purchase.

> Assist the associate(s) in purchasing in-coming vehicles at the dealership.
> Inspect all in-coming vehicles thoroughly.
> Acquire information regarding the vehicle(s) from the customers.
> Handle Purchase related paper-work.
> Ensure that the vehicle is procurable using our detailed QC software.
> Be the sole point of contact between the customers and the management.
> Prepare daily and weekly reports.

> Performance-linked.

> Best pay in the entire industry.


Application Process
> Apply using the detailed application form below.
> If shortlisted, you will receive a phone call or an email to schedule an in-person interview. You are requested to come fully-prepared for a thorough demonstration/test of your abilities. You will receive the outcome of this interview within 24 hours. 
> If selected, you are required to undergo a detailed criminal background check. Although we take this very seriously, your application is still processed on a case-by-case basis.
> If you clear all stages, you will have the honor of becoming a part of our team as a probationary employee for three weeks, following which your candidacy will be reviewed by the management and you may be inducted as our full-time employee.

Application Link:
To apply, fill the following application form and email it to [email protected] ((Forum PM))
((You are required to copy the form between the two lines below and send it via forum PM after filling it up. It is mandatory to stick to the format for your application to be considered))



SUBJECT: [Re: Application - Zenith Autos - Procurement Executive]








Phone Number:


Current Address:                 



Current Occupation and Title:

Current Remuneration:

Any previous Dealership experience:
Employer References/Recommendations (up to 2): [Include Name and Phone number]


Current Debts/Mortgages:
Current Net Worth:

Complete LSPD Background check: [Can be applied here It is not mandatory to submit the response with the initial application]




1. Character Background (Very brief): 

2. Hours played on This character (w/Screenshot link): 
3. Is your character a part of any faction?*
4. Any alts in the similar line of occupation?*
5. Average Daily Playtime (in hours):
6. Most Active Hours (server time):
7. Time-zone:
8. Discord:

9. Forum Name and Link:
10. Write one /me and one /do that you think would be fairly unique and interesting for the position you’re applying for. Be creative but also be practical. Write emotes that you believe you will be using while RPing with Zenith Autos, don’t write it for the sake of impressing us.

Optional Questions:

1. How will this position help in developing your character (Very Brief)?

2. What attracts you towards dealership RP, besides remuneration (Very brief)?


*These questions are very important and may be verified with the admins. This is to ensure your character is the right fit for the RP we want to create on this server and most importantly, to avoid any sort of Metagaming. If found guilty, you may be subject to a forum report at best and an admin action at worst.



By submitting this application, I, [First-name Last-name], hereby certify that all questions contained in this document were met with truthful statements. I fully authorize the investigation of any content shared on this document. I am aware that lying, omitting, plagiarizing, or maliciously adulterating this application will result in immediate denial and an indefinite ban from applying in the future for business registrations. I further acknowledge that this may lead to legal action against myself.



---- THE END ----

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