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Mount Gordo brewery

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Mission Statement
We produce extraordinary moments with Character

Mount Gordo is different, self-willed. We call it character. Character is not getting lead by others but having the confidence and conviction to choose your own path. Being who you are: real, sincere and authentic


Here at Mount Gordo we believe that authenticity enriches the world. Truly enjoying the moment every once in a while. Taste, realize and experience. Every sip you take. For every occasion a fitting beer or liquor.  Brewed & distilled with passion and craftsmanship.


Mount Gordo is ambitious: we want to win, to be the best. For our customers, for our consumers and partners, to make a difference. We focus on results. We work with clear goals and feel responsible for our achievements.


We think in growth, possibilities and innovation. We like a challenge and inventive solutions. With conviction and courage, we choose our own path. Authentic and driven. We say what we believe and believe in what we say. 


Core Values

Honour Our Customers

Deliver Quality

Work as a Team

Do Our Best and Next Time Do It Better

Build a Healthier Society

Celebrate the Culture of Beer, Whiskey & Rum

Own It



Our produce:










To place an order or learn more, email us at [email protected] ((Forum pm denybosnia)), or call us directly:

  • Ordering hotline - Ph. 2410

    We are proud sponsors of:


    Los Santos 4x4 Freaks!
    (The one and ONLY 4x4'ing Group in San Andreas. Come on out and let their experienced Trail Leaders show you the Country side!)
    Check out their Facebrowser page HERE!




    Beer Serves America


    According to beerinstitute.org for every one job at a brewery there are 45 jobs created in supplier industries and in local communities across the country. Directly and indirectly, the beer industry employs more than 2 million Americans, and contributes $248 billion to the U.S. economy. The impact from beer goes beyond the name you see on the label of your favourite brand. As a local brewery we try our hardest to employ variety of people to ensure our operational success and contribute to local economy and community development. We're constantly on lookout for freelance videographers, photographers, graphic designers, organisational psychologists and other.


    Brand ambassadors


    Due to workload increase from week to week, we want YOU to be our next brand ambassador. That means that when it comes to beer and whiskey, you will only have Mount Gordo ones, offering it to your respected guests, and in return, you will get drinks price for almost factory price (0.1% of profit goes to us) and you will spread awareness regarding Mount Gordo drinks.


    Local brewers


    Are you licensed brewer from Sandy Shores, Grapeseed or Paleto? We want to support you. Everything you brew you can sell to us for the price that will make your effor worth. Contact us at 2410 or email [email protected] ((Forum pm denybosnia)). Have in mind, at some times we will not be purchasing.

  • Taproom 




    Not sure if you want to buy our products? No problems. We're opening our taproom at least once per week where you can come and try our products, we have variety of products


    Mount Gordo Beer | 4.5%

    Mount Gordo Ale | 8%

    Mount Gordo Whiskey | 43%

    Mount Gordo Regal Apple | 50%

    Mount Gordo 151 | 75.5% Spiced Rum



Mount Gordo drive Beer (non alcoholic)| 00.0%




Our prices may vary depending on your location and how often you purchase from us. If you're brand ambassador these prices will not be applied, they will be discussed prior to making a deal.

Beer : 80$/bottle (discount of 70$ per bottle if customer orders 100 or more beers)

Mount Gordo Whiskey : 130$/bottle (discount to 110$/bottle if customer orders 100 or more bottles)

Mount Gordo Ale : 80$/bottle (discount to 70$ per bottle if customer orders 100 or more bottles)

Mount Gordo Rum : 125$/bottle ( discount to 100$/bottle if customer orders 100 or more bottles)

Mount Gordo regal : 140$/bottle (discount to 120$/bottle if customer orders 100 or more bottles)


Prices are applied for the first time customers and distributors who are not ordering our drinks often. If you plan to be loyal to our brewery, prices may vary. Delivery is included in price and we deliver within the maximum 48 hours from the moment order has been placed. As a customer, you will recieve our VPN, where you can connect to our server and make orders online, which makes communication process super easy.


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Woodrow beer will officially be launched in the upcoming days, this limited edition, 7% beer will serve as a reminder that family matters. George Woodrow was a family, if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have any of these beers that we have today. Since we consider our buyers, as part of our family as well, we're happy to announce that the price of the beer will be almost the factory price. We will announce the release of the beer which will also be available via BlueWater online store.

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''If batman was a boozer, this would be in his utility belt''.


Since all of our Woodrow beer got pre-ordered, before the release we are working on better supply, so everyone can contribute to our dear George, may he rest in peace. Second round of limited edition beer will be available soon.  Thank you for being best part of Mount Gordo brewery.



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