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[LSPD] Missing Person Notice: Ginger Caldwell

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Missing Person - 19/MAY/2021

The Los Santos Police Department is seeking aid from the community in relation to the disappearing of ULSA teacher Ginger Caldwell (27) - last seen on May 12, 2021 at ULSA in Richman.


She has not been seen of heard from since the moment of her disappearing. Her close ones and family are highly concerned and fearing for her. 


Described as caucasian female in her late twenties, green eyes, ginger hair. Allegedly wearing a white dress with flower patterns and a denim jacket. 


Should you have any information about the person or know anyone who might possess such information, contact the LSPD's South Central Area Detective Division on 91 or 808-68-171.

Written by Miguel Cortes




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Username: Riles95

Comment: We are still looking for her, if anyone has any information please contact the PD! If you read this Ginger, I hope you're safe and sound, please give us a sign so we know where you are!

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2 hours ago, i dont wanna od in LA said:

Username: ahahahah20130233

Comment: nobody cares ginger people are irrelevant #gingerlivesdontmatter

Username: Ginger69

Comment: You are irrelevant!! Hope you get kidnapped and go missing too

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