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What would be a good portrayal of a character that lives in Blaine County?

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Don't come in full hillbilly, no one does that. 


Make your character, see how others RP, blend your way in. People who RP in the county, myself being one, all RP differently,  and it all depends on which character you'd want to portray, a junkie, a teen, an older person etc.. 


It all depends where in Blaine you are, toss me a friend request on discord, I'll give you some pointers. Ducky#1320

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Don't roleplay a stereotypical accent / demeanor. Your char may be from the boonies, but he's presumably still from the west coast and thus wouldn't talk as if he was from Fulton, Missouri.


Otherwise, I don't see why a "county character" has to be fundamentally different from a city character; his hobbies probably wouldn't include partying in nightclubs, but there are other kinds of social events. The occupations can be the exact same as in the city; although your char may be legitimately unemployed considering how depressing Blaine looks aside from Paleto Bay.

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I've lived in rural areas pretty much my entire life. I can't say I'm completely 100% certain of how things in Blaine would go compared to its IRL counterpart, but small town's don't really make you behave any certain way, this is even more true with the information age and yada-yada. There really isn't any one way you have to go about it. I guess look at the area you plan to RP/live in and kind of go from there because Blaine can be pretty diverse, Paleto Bay is way different than Sandy Shores. The guy above me said you probably won't be going to nightclubs and such which is mostly right, as is the rest of his post, but its not like I haven't traveled a couple hours to visit the city to do a multitude of things like visiting a nightclub either. I guess common things growing up for me and still are when I get free time are hunting, fishing, riding ATV's/dirt bikes, hiking, kayaking/canoeing, swimming in nearby rivers/lakes, camping and in the same vein partying where the hell ever you could do it in relative seclusion which was commonly somewhere in the woods or a families members camps/cabins. That's just standard, stereotypical small town living bullshit, but it's in no way limited to that. There's certainly a lot of red-blooded Americans and it's traditionally more republican, you can come up with their values for the most part just by me saying that I'm sure, but that's not even remotely close to everyone who lives there either.

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Industrial/migrant worker lifestyle. Mostly trade school and blue collar jobs. 


Unfortunately GTA single player depicted the outskirts of San Andreas to be backwoods hillbilly cartoony retards so that is what most of the server tends to portray since it's a primarily non-American playerbase. The reality is Northern California and areas of the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington State), have the nicest and most hospitable welcoming people you'll ever encounter. The Park Ranger addition has added to the lifestyle of the area (hiking, hunting, camping).

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A city dweller with lower standards and expectations. Basically living in the ass end of nowhere and having the mindset of "This is all I know, this is life to me"


From an ic standpoint I normally play it off as;

Due to jobs being scarce and the pay being lower than the city, I have to shop second hand a lot of the time for clothing ect, it's less built up so the wind, sun and elements are heightened, I drive a rusty yellow lil car that has been fitted with offroad wheels to give traction on the dirt roads whereas most of the more wealthy Blaine county folks have offroad trucks or suv vehicles to negotiate the terrain.


Stay humble and be thankful for what you've got and most importantly set your dreams and aspirations to fit with your surroundings. I.e you may dream of moving to the city one day but while you're living in Blaine county in your run down RV, trailer or house you're not going to make your next goal to buy a supercar. 


Oh and always talk about the coyote problem. That's pretty much mandatory.

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1 hour ago, DigitalSausage said:


A city dweller with lower standards and expectations. Basically living in the ass end of nowhere and having the mindset of "This is all I know, this is life to me"

Agree with this. It's not like going into a rural setting means stepping into the 1980s or something. The world has reached rural areas to bigger or lesser extents. Rural communities also tend to be more close-knit, so make sure that you get to know your neighbors and they know you, even if you're not sociable and thus known as the weird/grumpy one.


Immerse yourself in the daily life of living out there. A lot of days might be a lot of nothing, and you finding ways to pass the time. If your character is young, look out for a group of friends to hang out with, and find "your spot". You also have more freedoms since you live in a more remote area: you can always take a few dirtbikes and mess around a scrapyard, doing wheelies and being silly, or you can sit at the general store with the clerk and just people-watch if you're a bit older.


Just try to live through the eyes of someone who's lived like that their entire life, and how that's the life they know.

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