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The Zacarias Navarro chronicles

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This thread will follow the story and character developement of Zacarias Navarro, a Tongva born native.



Zacarias Navarro is the only child of Marisa Sáez and Enrique Navarro, both good into their early 40’s at the time of his birth. He was born on the Tongva Reservation in 2000, on a warm summery July night.


Zacarias’ childhood mainly consisted of following his father around, may it be free time activities like fishing, hunting and being out in the forest to more practical things in the sense of woodworking and carpentry. Which again has led Zacarias to become sort of a handy man that knows his way around the toolshed when it comes to wood-related work. Zacarias also acquired a lot of his parents believes and principles when it comes to life, that he still lives by till this day.


Zacarias could usually be seen spending his spare time doing wood carving, outdoor activities or writing poetry growing up. His introverted personality would often see him retire to his own little spaces when too much were happening around him, this is something he never really grew out of and seems reserved and quiet around new faces till this day.


Growing older, in his mid to late teens, Zacarias’ mom dies at the age of 60, unexpectedly to worsened physical health. This naturally led to a downward spiral for Zacarias both mentally and physically. His relationship with his father which is more of a friend than a father figure at this point aids Zacarias onto the path of alcohol and substance abuse in form of sleeping pills, because it is almost encouraged by his father who is in the same state of mind.


The same alcoholism that would be the end of his father, passing just a few years after his mother, which made Zacarias’ own problems with substance abuse ten times worse. Eventually leading to him moving of the Reservation and to a family relative living in Arizona to get his life back together for a couple of years, before he made his return, clean and slightly healthier than before he left.


The story is work in progress and will be edited and updated along with the thread.

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