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[Kentrell Baez] Barson Baby

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Kentrell Baez is 5'4", 125lbs. Is a loud-mouth with acne, always trying to gain the respect of people in powe. Can be considered a hot-head due to his anger problems, but often crumbles when around the OG's and won't push for any action or do anything disrespectful. Is  constantly cracking jokes and trying to be the clown of the group. Has anger issues (easily insulted) and very light Tourettes, causing him to spit out different phrases and twitching every once in a while. Although being from a poor family, is always creative, trying to make the best of his outfit choices etc. Chases women like crazy, can be easily played by them. Is the clown of the group, however, often his mind is filled with the issues at hand - his drug addiction, motivation to get better and "make it out" and anger problems.  Is big on social media, constantly boasting about shit, expressing his opinions etc. ( Money Oriented, Respect Oriented, Crash Dummy, Food Stamp/Bootleg Seller, Rapper, Instigator/Flamer.) (Adventurous, artistic, hyper-active, clumsy, dramatic, loyal, inappropriate, at times childish).




Kentrell Baez is a 16 year old kid who was born and raised on Carson Ave. Always known as the smaller, but more rowdy person. He was very social and talkative with the other kids in the neighborhood. He could've been pretty annoying, especially in groups, where he aimed to outshine every other kid, constantly ding-dong ditching apartments, pissing off some grandmas and just being a nuisance. As Kentrell grew up, he started getting himself in more and more trouble, as teen years approached his anger problems started getting more and more serious and taking over him, he'd be insulted very easily and get violent, filled with rage. At 14 his mother, who had become a stripper working for the local strip-club, was beaten to death in front of his eyes. That sparked his rage even more, he only had his grandmother left, who gave him a little more freedom. Kentrell started coming home from school later and later, often getting in fights, smoking marijuana, even getting into sipping codeine at only 14 years old. One of the only outlets for him was music - He got enough money for a microphone and a laptop, from there on he began making music, mixing & mastering his own tracks. However,  one day after the school he snatched the keys of his teacher's car from the table and took it joyriding with a few homeboys, he crashed the car into the side of a building. Cops were called and Kentrell was sentenced to 8 months in juvenile detention for joyriding. His life switched, but the system didn't help him one bit, he was constantly around kids who only brought him down, only sparking a bigger rage in him. After getting out of juvie, Kentrell was showing signs of being even more hot-headed, but now enrolled back in Palm Valley High, after being pursuaded by his grandma, the only person taking care of him. As of now, he's trying to balance making money, trying to make it out as a rap artist and his drug problem. 


(work in progress) 



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