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Should we remove cat ears?


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This is a serious discussion, please don't derail it.

Why is everyone on every corner wearing cat ears, people are clearly using this game as an IMVU/Second Life replacement and portraying avatars they dress up like catgirls instead of actually dressing a realistic character. If we use LA as an example, when I lived there for 2 months I saw 0 people with cat ears on their head, but 90% of women on GTA-W have them on. I think it's an RPQM issue and this should just be removed. You can say don't rp with them and just ignore them, but when you're in a business and see like 5 people with cat ears and skirts it kind of ruins your immersion. 

Dont get this locked please, and if you wanna comment "Just report it", just don't comment at all dude.

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It's a tough call. I personally just witnessed a girl wearing all black (assuming the goth type) which also had kitten ears atop her head. I was intrigued, yes. Still, we do notice a lot of cat ear wearing PF experts on the block. (And I don't mean to say that owning a PF is a bad thing but you know what I mean I hope.)


Then again, restricting that clothing option is not the way to go. I think it's more of an RPQM issue if people find issues with a character wearing them.

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2 minutes ago, Jennie said:

Who cares, there are worse things to fix first.

It's such a minuscule thing that can be fixed ever so easily. You don't fix big issues like that, you snowball up all the smaller issues, that's how you make a difference. Poor mindset to hold.


Yes please. It's honestly the most disgusting and cringe thing ever. 

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