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Carson Mafia Gangster Bloods

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17 year old school drop out EMMANUEL WILLIAMSON a/k/a TYG ESCALADE has been a resident of Forum Drive his whole life. He has been seen around and all the residents would know him as ESCALADE.  Emmanuel suffers from hypothyroidism which means he has ballooned in size over the years. He weighs a whooping 266 pounds at 6'1.  EMMANUEL considers his affiliates and fellow gang members to be his brothers, this was the reason why he was peer pressured into gang violence and illegal acts from a young age. Emmanuel has a very short fuse and is fiercely loyal to his friends when they are disrespected. Getting respect from his peers is his number one priority, whether it be from students in school, their gang-banging family members, or other gang members around the city. When Emmanuel was growing up around the hood he started to move eight balls for Deshawn "YG Sinister" Bennet, after this he began to spend more and more time around the hood performing various tasks for the older teenagers. When the projects began to red-flag, Emmanuel saw this as the opportunity to put in work with his friends from the neighborhood holding the newly established set down. Emmanuel shows the utmost respect to the generations that banged before him, picking their brains as he is very respect orientated. Emmanuel is guilty of pressuring his peers into putting in work for the set as he intends to make sure his sets name is well respected on the streets. Emmanuel was given the name "TYG Escalade" due to his extremely large frame when he was jumped into the set by OYG "Von-Brazy" and YG "T-Boogie".

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a/k/a QP
a/k/a PITBULL                                                                                                                 
a/k/a RUMBLE                                                                                                          

Troublesome and brash, "QP" Pittman was raised by a single mother on Forum Drive. Due to his mom not having any assistance with the child rearing, a happy childhood was never an option. Although, his mom tried her best to support the young Marquez she would eventually succumb to crack addiction. This lead to many insults and disrespect thrown at Marquez. At first he would cope by crying in the school bathroom and would snitch on his bullies. However, he soon found out that this would cause more bullying and torture.                                                                        
One day he decided that it was finally enough and fought back one of his bullies, a big fat Mexican kid named Eduardo. Eduardo would slap the back of Marquez's head whenever he passed him by, "Yo momma suck dick for crack!"  is Eduardo's favorite insult. To the fat kid's surprise, this time Marquez retaliated, smacking Eduardo's nose with a rock that can fit his 9 year old hand. Eduardo's nose was shattered upon impact, and in Marquez's blind rage, would continue to pound Eduardo's face with the rock. What remained was a bloody pulp that was once called face, Marquez letting out all the pent up anger he kept inside for years of bullying. Eduardo was brought to ICU, almost dying. Marquez was kicked out of school.


After that pivotal event in his young life, he would leave a trail of violence everywhere he goes, garnering the nickname, "Rumble" in Central Juvenile Hall, and "Pitbull" to his homeboys,  as he would resort to squabbling at any sign of disrespect no matter how petty. The combination of anger towards his absent father, the disappointment of having a crackhead mom, and the vow he made to himself to never ever be disrespected again molded him into a very troubled and volatile teenager.                                                                                                                   
Now 18 he has been in and out of Juvie, and resorts to stick ups and theft to keep money and food on the table. He also recently buried his mother due to crack overdose. This loss has lead to further mental anguish and suicidal thoughts. With the rise of the new blood set CMGB, he would wish to find solace and a place to call home once again. In the form of a tight knit collective, where violence and money is over glorified. His two favorite poisons. Will he rise above his circumstance or will he become another statistic?



Bitches Love Me


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Escalade linked up with T-Y-G Sticky Fingers from DFGB outside the clothing store on Strawberry. The meet up point for the two sets.


Since CMGB have begun red-flagging they have taken on the enemies of their allies DFGB and DSNB. Escalade pressed an individual who he suspected to be affiliated to the neighborhood crips.



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