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Carson Mafia Gangster Bloods

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"Lil Mar" & "Lil Jay" hit a lick to attempt to raise their demon status and gain points with the gang. After following the victim to a parking lot and forcing him into their car, "Lil Jay" robbed him at gunpoint in their car and passed "Lil Mar" the assist after. Killing the victim and leaving the body in a random back yard on Grove street. Lil Mar even using the gun Lil Jay robbed from the victim to kill him. A cruel fate.





Lil Mar and Lil Jay's demon side triggered by their aid who almost gave their lick a chance to escape.



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After spending the last month or so connecting with people across the city Duquan comes in to a large amount of Cocaine, with the little knowledge he has from net videos and general research he gets a little crew together to stretch the coke.

Setting the foundations.





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Whilst chilling on the block tappin in with one another the group hear a car alarm, they go to investigate finding that Tyreeks car is being broken in to. They hold the perpetrator up, runnin his pockets taking anything valuable.


Caught slippin.


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