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Carson Mafia Gangster Bloods

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Emmanuel "T.Y.G EscKalade#1" Williamson is released from jail. He served a three year stint in jail for a house burglary that went wrong. Escalade was known for being a crash dummy when he was on the streets as a teenager so it was no surprise to anyone he was the first gang member of the new set to do a bid.  During his stint in jail, the majority of the individuals from his generation and most of his big homies died. O.Y.G Jevonne "Von Brazy" Love was killed by a member of the 5-7 Neighborhood Crips. Benjamin "Napp Basha BB" Berlaine was killed by Rollin 90's Neighborhood Crips. Kordell 'BabyfacKe#2' Fraizer was killed after an argument with Tortilla Flats gang members. Corey 'RecKless' Baiss lost his life after a shootout with the LSPD. On the other hand gang members that Escalade used to put in work with such as Dominique "Duppy" McCoy managed to make it out the hood and make something of themselves. 

Escalade was picked up from jail by Cortez "Tee-Boogie#1" Santana, his big-homie who vouched for his put on to Carson Mafia Gangster Bloods. Unlike Escalade, his big homie Cortez hung his flag up and put his active gang days behind him. On his release, Escalade and Tee Boogie cruised around the section and reminisced on old times. The two agree on celebrating Escalade's release from jail later tonight.


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After coming out of jail and enjoying his freedom, Emmanuel 'TYG EscKalade#1' Williamson talks to his big homie Cortez Y.G 'Tee-Boogie#1' Santana about the situation of the gang having been locked up for three years. Over the years, Carson Mafia lost a number of important and active gang members to the streets, leaving a large number of teenagers around the Forum Drive area to move reckless without the correct guidance and even false claim the set. Escalade assures Cortez that this will be sorted out as he is back on the street. Emmanuel discloses his precarious financial position to Cortez having entered jail as a broke teenager and come out of jail as a broke adult. Emmanuel is certain that he does not want to return to burglary as a means of making his money so he asks Cortez to put him in contact with Cleavant 'Big StacKs#1' King who is locally known as a dopeboy, so Emmanuel can make his money via drug dealing.


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