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Carson Mafia Gangster Bloods

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The death of Marcel "Guapo" Guerrero affected Boogie deeply. He considered Guapo as a brother, his untimely demise dug a deep scar in Boogie's heart.


Although, his close friendship with the slain gang member was only known by CMGB members, Boogie still was paranoid that he might be hunted down next by the Hoovers.


This forced him to lay low with his family for a while, basically sleeping with one eye open. Aside from constant paranoia, he started battling depression and would soothe himself with weed, coke, and alcohol on a daily basis. Constant fights with his baby momma and neglecting his one year old daughter would soon ensue. 


This fall from grace made Boogie realize how the street life changed him and his circumstance for the worse. All the power and glamour he thought he would acquire was really just an illusion.


Suicidal thoughts would overwhelm his psyche, one night he pointed a snub nose revolver to his temple. He was ready to end it all.


But, before he could pull the trigger, he overhears his daughter's cry.


This would snap Boogie back to reality. Back to what matters most; his daughter. He would soon pick himself up and vow to leave a better example and legacy for his child. His daughter constantly in his mind, would be the driving force that made him overcome his depression. 


Fast forward to today, Boogie makes sure every day he is a role model to his child. The way he dresses up, the way he talks, the way he carries himself has drastically changed. He is back earning legitimate money driving trucks and working at the docks, being a good provider to his young family.


He is also back hanging with the homies just to kick back and have a good time. Reminiscing the good times with fellow CMGB members who have made it past 21. 


He is in good health and high spirits once again. The only question is...


For how long? 




DB Dead




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