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Spread love not hate my fellow gamers


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Following a death of someone who did touch the hearts of many, I think its important that despite issues we may or may not have with others; that we remember outside of the roleplay environment this is a game. We should respect other players, we don't know what they're going through IRL. For some people this is an escape to help maintain mental cohesion. 


The difference between life and death, is just a simple message checking in on people you care about.


God bless Pitchy, heaven gained an Angel. 

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I'm down for letting most people roleplay whatever they want as long as their roleplay doesn't really affect others. You wanna RP Tokyo drifting assassin cat girl? Go for it. Just don't go looking for trouble and don't drift your cars around the ghettos. You wanna roleplay a gangbanger on the pursuit for cash and respect? Cool, just don't start shooting up random clubs and robbing people on their yachts.

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