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Spread love not hate my fellow gamers


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2 minutes ago, Shiro said:


Arguing about who writes the better novels in /me's and shitting on each other ain't the move when we're all in it together, so stop it, get some help.





This is a roleplay server, if you're not here to roleplay and develop a character then you can go play gta online.

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1 minute ago, i dont wanna od in LA said:

Truth is that the only way to make somebody improve is to shit on them. There's no other way around so yeah no thanks.

Bad mentality brother that's the way to darkness, you need to open up your heart and let the peace in, everyone enjoys their thing and that's okay. Allow the sunshine into your heart 🥰🥰 I'm sure there's some positivity deep down inside you 😀

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2 minutes ago, Woona said:

No; remove futa, "elite" illegal RPers, and Fast and Furious cosplayers and then we can acheieved (GTA) World peace.

This is actually the best take I've seen on this site in three years.

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