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Spread love not hate my fellow gamers


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In some topics it is very clear that many people take this game too serious, it's okay if you want to sling drugs and guns as a 14 y/o gangbanger, or if you want to get off to erp, it's fine if you want to be another initial d character or idolize cops, greasy bikers or whatever your thing is. We're all here to have fun and RP what we're interested in, and probably pretend something you aren't. I'm sure most of you aren't here to just do the same boring shit as you would in real life.


Arguing about who writes the better novels in /me's and shitting on each other ain't the move when we're all in it together, so stop it, get some help.




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1 minute ago, Gryphboi said:

I demand the blood of the weak.

Calm down brother we can roleplay an engine swap for 2 irl weeks and make it all good again, may fate let our characters meet and make this miracle happen

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