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E/S Main Street Neighborhood Crips

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NAYBOOD! E/S Main Street Neighborhood Crips are here to create a realistic portrayal of the E/S Main Street Crip community, with our own little spin on it. Upon joining there are a few things you must complete prior to role-playing with our faction. We would like for our members to do their research and have basic knowledge of LA gang politics as well as knowledge of the Main Street Crips. If you're not serious about role-playing with us and don't have any quality role-play to contribute to the faction then don't even bother trying to join because you will be removed from the faction by our leadership. We encourage members to focus on character development. We are accepting members who are willing to take constructive criticism and are willing to learn. For questions and concerns directly associated with our faction overall can be directed here to our leadership: @Fleezy & @STICK N MOVE

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