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Business Section Rules - READ Before Posting

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The business area is used to showcase your in-character business. In order to create a thread you need to make sure that all the rules below are being followed and understood:


  • Businesses which have no replies for the past 42 days (6 weeks) will be Locked and Archived under inactivity.
  • Business area replies MUST remain In Character at ALL TIMES. (Check point II for exceptions.)
  •  As owner of the thread, you are responsible to maintain it and report any user that isn't following any rules within the thread.
  • No IC comments are allowed unless the thread owner has specified a comments section template which must be posted in the first reply.
  • OOC screenshots are completely forbidden. If you want to post screenshots of your roleplay that are resolving around a business, please post those on a Character Story of yours or on a thread located in the Screenshot Gallery section.

  • Businesses that are client orientated such as night-life, restaurants etc, are advised to use a format as if it was a review website in order to adhere to realism.







  • Acceptable case of OOC: "[...] contact us under the E-Mail [email protected] (( Forum PM [Insert Forum Name] ))"

  • Business owners may post a link to their screenshot gallery/faction topic/unoficial group at the first reply.

  • Whenever OOC is used, the brackets must be used.  ((  EXAMPLE ))

  • Reserving the 2nd/3rd reply of the thread for future use.






The following rules will be enforced in the business section on the forums. Any post that breaks these rules in any way will be hidden and warned. The business section is meant to be fully In-Character at all times, you are not go Out-Of-Character in any way. Everything written in this section is strictly In-Character. The only accepting case of Out-Of-Character text is refered on point II.






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