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What kind of roleplay is overplayed/overrated?

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2 hours ago, EffPee said:

  Although, the whole '1:1 exact replica of IRL gangs' doesn't sit well with me either. I think people roleplaying IRL sets should still place IC history built over ingame interactions over IRL interactions, i.e. your gang may beef another gang IRL but there's no reason to escalate a beef immediately when you meet them ingame. By all means RP some tension but it shouldn't go any further than that. If a gang thats beefing a certain other set IRL is friendly with them IC, people shouldn't throw a fit if this was all done through IC means, we're here to roleplay situations not to roleplay the aftermath of IRL situations.

Agreed. If you use the excuse that your two gangs ars fighting each other IRL to just blast each other day one you're not providing anything of substance to the scene


If I lead a faction and it's real life historical rival opens nearby I usually open up an OOC dialogue where we decide if we want to set up terms, let it all play out IC or not rp it at all. IC always takes precedence but IRL politics are a good starting point.

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1 hour ago, Sush said:


That's the beauty of it for me. Like if your history actually occurred in game and it was used to form who your characters / group are carries a lot of weight. It's also great development. Even you saying that you're still figuring it out 6 months later is proof of just how good for a character arc it can be when you actually develop and change your character/group to combat IC interactions. Being a static entity that never changes opinions or attitudes gets very boring very quickly and this prevents that

nobody's saying it's static. people use irl gang culture and history as a starting point. if things evolve and change ic then they will.

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7 hours ago, griggs said:

real life cali is filled with fake tits, big ego and fake personalities

That's very true.  Los Angeles is where women who aspire to be actresses and models go, so there is a higher proportion of women like that there.

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20 hours ago, Koko said:

I personally think that emulating real-life criminal organizations/gangs is overdone. I would find it a lot more refreshing to have more gangs that were brought up organically and made up within the server than having another Wikipedia dump of facts about a real life set to try to justify entitlement to certain things.


A gang that's 100% made up forces you to build it from the ground up and give it a personal identity and makes every gain you make much more deserved, imho.

Majority of the gangs in Los Angeles have been there for a very long time, they don't just pop up they have been there for a very long time. People like RPing real life gangs because its realistic, the handful of fictional gangs we have had on the server... well. Its an actual problem that I have seen with the gang scene and people RP'ing fictional sets, they have no IRL inspiration or information to go off of, so they just start doing their own thing and then you get a whole clusterfuck of roleplay. RP'ing a gang that is fictional but based off or almost a 1:1 to a real life gang is okay in my opinion, but you still need something to go off of such as an IRL gang that your faction will be taking inspiration from. I would rather have Compton X3 rather than Grove Street Surenos. 

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8 hours ago, Devasta Bandz said:



the most genuine people ive met in my life are from California

stop generalizing 

it’s common knowledge, no one’s saying everyone is fake and pretentious. If u read my entire thing you’ll understand the context that sentence was used in.

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7 hours ago, wheres the skante said:

I would rather have Compton X3 rather than Grove Street Surenos. 

Ah yes, Compton. Definitely my favourite 'hood in Los Santos.


Any faction roleplay where the creators lean a little too heavily into emulating it to a tee without much in the way of interesting character development has more in common with homework than roleplay. I typically avoid any faction whose thread is copied verbatim from an FBI report, streetgangs, or some other common source without any personalisation or adaptation to the setting in which it's being portrayed. Using real-life inspiration is a given, just don't be a hack about it.


Great examples of how to do this right (in my most humble of opinions) are the Mizrahi crew and Hye Mafia. I promise I'll stop brown-nosing Bader, Samuel_Lora, et al. just as soon as they stop showing up the majority of criminal roleplayers.

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On 6/18/2021 at 1:13 PM, Eastside.Shady said:

gangs aren't some summer time project a couple kids get together to do. this is a common misconception I see with people that haven't bothered to research anything about gangs/never done any gang rp. a gang isn't just "blah blah crip/blood/piru/13/etc". gangs have different histories, different cultures, different ways of coming to be. they've had historic conflicts that shaped who they are, they've had major events change up how they operate, what ethnicities they accept, etc. and this is not even mentioning how ludicrous it'd be for a gang to start up today, especially in a city with such a gang culture. if a gang is "brought up organically" it misses out on actual decades of history, flavor and development. 


this is such a minute and pedantic thing to bring up. why does it bother you what real life gang someone is portraying? even if you interact with them on a daily basis, which I highly doubt, why does what they're portraying affect you? do you go through the forum section and get angry when you see people portray real life gangs? you want them to do chamberlain hustlaz? davis gangstaz?


there are many things wrong with gta w but people attempting and actively trying to portray an accurate and realistic depiction of the gang culture of LA is by far not one of them.

I beg to differ, if you actually paid attention to faction forums, you'd notice that many groups are infact summer projects.

Besides what has been set countless times before, you cannot copy paste a gang history and select a turf here, cause maybe people playing in that area for years never heard of your gang being there. So it's technically a powergame.

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