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I would recommend to make a signature with informations of character of my choice for ex. I have a character with name Matthew Morgan so it would generate me in the UCP an image with all the informations such as Name, Surname, Played Hours, maybe Owned properties and so on. Just to represent this server in another forums and also showcase your character to others.


  • Commercial for the server
  • Players have ability to showcase their character
  • Maybe a good helper if u want to know how much hours have u played without logging into server
  • Make users more proud of their characters



  • Maybe could be a metagaming of some type if wrong information is used



Just made a little concept what I am thinking about:



Anyways, if u would need a help with graphic I can also make a few nice backgrounds which players could choose from.

Thank you,



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Personally I don't see any use of this. - I wouldn't want people to snoop around in my stats such as wallet.  But then again, its not a bad idea if people could just choose themselfs whether they wanted this as a signature or not.

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